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2004 Encounters:
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The Little Girl in the Red Dress - San Jose, California

The Scream Orb - Indianapolis, Indiana

Tyler's Torment - Sterling Heights, Michigan

Ribhu's Last Visit - Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Grandmother's Shadow? - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Woman of Whiskey Row - Prescott, Arizona

Dad's Helping Hand - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Great Grandfather's House - Spartanburg, South Carolina

Family's Mysterious Mist - Glenville, West Virginia

Grandma's Goodbye Hug - Bellingham, Massachusetts

Jimmy and Jacob's War Games - Toledo, Ohio

Sachs Bridge Ghost Mist - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Man in the Overcoat - Chicago, Illinois

Witch Bertha's Flying Orb Video - Coleraine, Minnesota

Auditorium Shadow Video - Hibbing, Minnesta

The Apartment in the Former Morgue - Marlborough, Massachusetts

My Father's Visit - Spring, Texas

Knocks, Bumps, a Cemetery, and a Book - Banks, Oregon

The Chase Through Enchanted Forest - Pasadena, California

Ghostly Wisps of Blonde Hair - Ellicott City, Maryland

The Mist of Gunntown Cemetery - Naugatuck, Connecticut

The Cold Wind and Haunted House - Porterville, California

The Cloaked Figure in Nesbitt Elementary - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tormented in My Bedroom - Grand Prairie, Texas

The Little Girl of Grants Pass - Grants Pass, Oregon

Stephanie in the Window - Painesville, Ohio

Phantom Funeral Pyre - Nagaland, India

The Visiting Nun - Des Plaines, Illinois

The Nazi Belt - Georgia

Forest Park Cemetery Chase - Troy, New York

Sarah's Nightly Visits - Lawrence, Kansas

My Sixth Sense - Chicago, Illinois

The Old Prisoner - Indianapolis, Indiana

Fast Food Victorian Ghost - Guthrie, Oklahoma

Camarillo State Mental Hospital "Pipes" - Camarillo, California

The Insistent Spirit - Litchfeild, New Hampshire

Disembodied Voices Speak - Flubdun Township, Pennsylvania

Thomas Edison Museum Orb - Ft. Myers, Florida

The Old Hag Who Lifted Me - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Ghosts of Fort Pulaski - Savannah, Georgia

The Blithe Spirit - Portland, Maine

Paco from Chichen Itza - Atlanta, Georgia

Footsteps in the Forest - Hooks, Texas

The Phantom Maid of Melville - Melville Hotel, Saskatchewan, Canada

Grandfather's House Full of Family Spirits - Cheektowaga, New York

The Spirit of Anne - Norfolk, Virginia

The Shadow Man's Hand - Verden, Germany

Murderous Mirror Message - Jefferson, Texas

River Styx Cemetery Face - Wadsworth, Ohio

The Phantom Sentry - Israel

The Flash at Devil's Den - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Little Man of Bihar - Bihar, India

Chesterland Cemetery Mist - Chesterland, Ohio

The Thing in the Woods at Camp Morgan - White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mom's Cat and Pennies from Heaven - Lindenhurst, Illinois

The Haunted Apartment - Brooklyn, New York

A Friend's Goodbye - Chicago, Illinois

Temporary Possession - Believe It, Or Not - St. Augustine, Florida

The Douglas Arms' Ghostly Argument - Banchory, North East Scotland

Mystic Pizza Place - Saratoga, California

A Sleeper's Disembodied Hands - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ebne Baviie Cemetery Orb - Tehran, Iran

Sean's Visit with My Daughter - Norman, Oklahoma

A Crying Mary Statue - Lyons, Illinois

Mischievous Boy Ghost in the Pub - Brighton, England

Dad's Answering Machine Message from Beyond - Knoxville, Iowa electronic voice phenomenon (evp)

Haunted High School - Slinger, Wisconsin

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The Boy on the Rock - Forests near Trichur, Kerala, India

Cemetery Orb - Las Vegas, Nevada

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Grandmother's Premonition - Spring Green, Wisconsin

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Haunted Homes I Have Lived In - Washington D.C and Las Vegas, Nevada

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Tall Man at My Door - Tampa, Florida

Grandmother in the Shed - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Missing Hot Sauce and Candied Hearts - Brooklyn, New York

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Ka Huaka'i Po (The Night Marchers) - La'ie, O'ahu, Hawai'i

The Lady in the Blue Dress at Captain Tony's Bar - Key West, Florida

Haunted House in Princeton - Princeton, West Virginia

October 25, 2004

The Cold Wind and Haunted House

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Samara, Porterville, California, March 2004 to present,

I moved with my two small children to the house we are presently living in on march 15, 2004. From the very beginning I had the feeling of being watched. At times the hair on the back of my neck would stand on end and I'd get goose bumps on my skin as though I were chilled. In fact, at times, it would be extremely cold in the house even though it was 100 degrees outside.

One night, my baby, who was only a couple of weeks old, was very fussy. I didn't know what was wrong as she was not wet, hungry, or hurt. It was not the kind of fussy that comes with colic either. As I sat rocking her and talking to her trying to sooth her, a very cold wind brushed past me and seemed to stop on the other side of the rocking chair. A few seconds after the cold air blew past me, my baby daughter went fast asleep. But before she did, I saw her look up as though she were looking up at the ceiling. People say that babies don't smile because they are happy or even know what they are smiling at. I do not believe that especially after that day. She looked up to the ceiling and smiled. Not a gassy smile as they claim babies that young do, it was a real, true smile. And with that, she went to sleep and didn't awake again until around 8 the next morning. This was unusual as she always woke up between 4 and 4:30 AM. I don't know what she saw, but it was a comfort to her.

After this, I began to notice more and more things happening that I had no explanation for. I always hang my car keys on a hook just inside the front door of our home. This has been my habit since I owned my first car. One day I had come home from work and hung my keys as usual, but when I went to get them again to go pick my son and daughter up from day care, the keys were gone. They were not on the hook. I searched the house from top to bottom and could not find the keys. I even dumped every thing out of my purse and that in itself was scary. I called the day care to let them know I'd be late picking up the children and went back to looking for the keys. I checked, rechecked, and checked again on the hook where the keys were hung but they were not there. I had finally given up and decided to call some one to pick up the children for me when I looked up and there on the hook were my wayward car keys -- I was shocked to say the least. I have heard what sounds like a woman humming a tune and at times she's even singing the words.

One night as I was sitting at the computer as I am now, I again felt that extremely cold sensation on the back of my neck. I then felt someone gently tug on my hair and stroke the top of my head. Being as how I was the only person up and around in the house I was startled.

About a week ago I was sleeping on the sofa when I felt something jump up on the couch beside me. It felt as though a cat or small dog had jumped up there and was walking toward me pulling the blanket as it went. The trouble with this is... I don't own a cat, or a dog for that matter. When I looked up, thinking maybe one of the neighborhood cats had some how gotten in the house, there was nothing there. There was no cat, no small dog, and definitely not one of my children. Thinking I had dreamed this or imagined it, I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. But I kept having the sensation of some thing or someone closely watching me. I would look to see if my son had woken up and was watching me waiting for me to wake up, but it wasn't him. Finally, I was too exhausted to care anymore and fell asleep and didn't wake again until morning.

The days that followed that night were fairly quiet. Then, this morning I had my clock radio on the table at the end of my couch as I was listening to a radio show. The clock radio was sitting flat on the table, not near the edge and the cord was not where it could get hooked on someone's foot and pull the clock off the table. But the clock radio jumped off the table and flew part-way down the hall and landed on the floor. It landed upright, the way it was on the table. When I picked the clock radio up, the station had been changed and the band had been changed. It had been on an AM station, but when I picked it up it was on an FM station. That was at about 10 this morning. And so far today the TV has gone off by itself, the kitchen faucet has turned itself on, and the TV decided to start channel surfing all on its own. A couple of times I think I have caught a glimpse of something or someone walking down the hall out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn to see who it is, there is no one there. I've never ever had any experience with ghosts or any thing like that and never really gave the subject much thought. I don't know if this is something I should worry about or if I should just leave it alone. I don't feel threatened, but I'm not exactly sure what I should do. 

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