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2000 Encounters:

2000 Encounters

Ronnie DeAngelis, Valley Stream, NY, November 20, 2000

Click on picture for larger view.
Orbs in a den, Valley Stream, NY

I took this picture at night in my den. I was sitting watching television when I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos. If you look, you will see the large orb in front of the door with two smaller orbs also in the picture.

It is funny because that's exactly where I thought I saw something only moments before. I have taken many pictures in this room over the last year (birthday parties, etc.) but this is the first for this.

(Olympus D-360L digital camera used).

Tracy Quirona, Plant City, FL, May 2000

Click on picture for larger view.
Plant City, Florida Ectoplasm Mist

I took this picture outside of my house sitting on my steps at 3 am. I asked out-loud if there was any presence that it would reveal itself to me and I snapped a picture and this is what I got.

I used a Kodak Cameo Motor EX camera and 35mm Kodak gold film--200 or 400 speed.

Ronnie DeAngelis, Valley Stream, NY, October 31, 2000

Click on picture for larger view.
Long Island Cemetery -- graveyard orbs

Hello for the first time ever I went to a local cemetery here on Long Island and took a dozen or so photos with my Olympus D-360L digital camera. The time was approximately 6pm on October 31, 2000. I followed IGHS standards and protocols. The weather was clear but chill with no adverse weather conditions.

Kathy Wolboldt, Bellefontaine, Ohio,

I have had experiences with ghosts in the past while living in Bellefontaine, OH. My house was haunted--by whom--I don't know.

I tried researching the house built in 1900 but could not find much info. For some reason, I always had this feeling the original house burnt down and the current house was rebuilt on the lot in 1900. The house was on the market for a good 6 months before we bought it. It was our first house and we moved in on Christmas Eve Day of 1995.

For the first few months, we would hear "strange" noises chalking it up to mice or house settling--thumpings, knockings in walls, and drops in temperature. In fact, we tried to get the furnace replaced under the home warranty but it was a brand new Lenox furnace that worked perfectly according to the repair man.

Then in February of 1996 we had our first thought that the house was "haunted." It was 7 AM and our bedroom door was closed. And someone or something knocked on the door like how a child would before entering their parents room--my husband and I have no children. I told my husband--someone just knocked on the door--he woke up and said "Oookkkaaayyy?" (like, I need to be checking out those mental hospitals today for my wife). Then, "it" knocked again.....and I said --what else?--"come in?" and my husband opened the door--no one there!

Then other things would happen, for example, we always had a problem with bats flying into our house. Then the footsteps would start--usually running like in a panic down the hallway and down the stairs. The dog would growl at mid the way, my dog has not growled at thin air since we moved out of the house in December of 1998 . The dog absolutely refused to go to the basement--and would wet herself and then try to bite if I would attempt to force her.

On another occasion, I was on the phone with my mother-in-law and my dog was barking at thin air again. Her toy tennis ball that was lying in the other room was thrown/kicked at her by something. She yelped from it hitting her and ran and hid. I would take a bath and would feel someone watching me or there would be footsteps in the hall and the bathroom door knob would jiggle when I was home alone.

The most frightening experience I encountered was one night at maybe 8:30 PM I went upstairs to bed. I just got snuggled in when the temperature in the room dropped. The bedroom door was closed and as before there was the knock. I said, "Honey why are you knocking?" Then, the knocking feverously increased to a pounding--urgent--and the door knob was jiggling like someone was trying to open the door due to some sort of emergency. My husband was downstairs watching TV and heard this and me yelling for him and ran upstairs. The pounding stopped as soon as he crested the stairs. My husband flung open the door and yelled at me, "What the hell are you doing up here...?" He then realized that it was not me pounding on the door because I was still in bed and there was no way I could have gotten from across the room into bed in the short amount of time from when the pounding stopped to him opening the door. I then told him, "That's it--we are moving." Which we finally did about a year later.

The door knocking stopped after that incident. My friend Jen witnessed the kitchen faucets turning on full blast by unseen hands-which freaked her out! Then, one day my mom came over and as we were walking up the sidewalk something pushed me from behind. All I felt was this ice cold hand push took days for the ice cold handprint feeling to subside. My mother, by the way, witnessed this thing pushing me. I didn't mom said it looked like someone came up and just pushed me. The force causing me to fall forward.

One time in "my haunted house" I was standing in the foyer and heard the "footsteps" again. The footsteps sounded like how a child might gallop or skip down steps very fast. I watched the staircase but never saw anything but halfway down the steps it just stopped. My friend suggested that it was a child ghost going down the steps and then "sliding" down the banister.

Thank you for reading my little "Tales from the Crypt." I think I will dig out photos from my old house in Bellefontaine, OH and see if I "see" anything "ghostly" now that I know what to look for--orbs, mist, etc. We have not experienced any "psychic" or "ghost" related things since moving from the house.
Carol J. Pemrich, Gillett, Wisconsin

My father passed away on September 23, 1998. I was not particularly close to him as he tended to push everyone away. I loved him dearly though.

He was dying slowly of emphysema and my siblings and I had been called to the hospital several times to say goodbye to him only to find him fine the next day, so when my brother called one morning to say he had passed away, it was a shock.

I had asked Dad a favor one day kind of in jest, but partly seriously too. I asked him to let me know somehow if he could, if he was still around after he died. He promised he would.

Two things happened after he died. The evening of his funeral, my family and I saw the most beautiful exhibition of the Northern Lights ever seen in Wisconsin. We stared at the beautiful sight for quite a long time and I thought I saw a pattern of an angel in it. I didn't say anything because I thought I was the only one who saw this, but then one of the neighbors spoke up that she saw the angel pattern too. Then everyone else was pointing out the angel pattern. The display of lights went on for hours and my daughters laid on the grass that night watching it. I suspected it was Dad, telling me he was still here.

Then, about a year after he died. I began having dreams where I would see Dad, just grinning at me off in the parameters of the dream.  I had this happen for about a month. Then one night he appeared in a dream, and was sitting right in front of me smiling like he always did.  His mouth was moving but no words were coming out that I could hear. I began crying in my dream and woke up crying and knowing without a doubt that my Dad had come to visit me. He left messages that were special to me, my mother, and several of my brothers which I promptly passed on. These messages gave my family comfort and peace. 

I have not dreamed about Dad since that time. I truly believe that he came to let me know he is still with us because I asked him too.
Annie Lundgren, Bend, Oregon

My name is Annie, I'm from Bend, Oregon. I've always loved ghost stories, and my grandma seemed to be the type of person ghosts would visit. She had all sorts of stories to tell from the time she saw an image of her sister on the stairs when she was really being put to bed by their mother to the time she saw a lumberjack eating peanuts at the bottom of her bed. So, needless to say, I became a firm believer in ghosts and the spirit world.

Then, it happened to me. Only I didn't actually see the spirit, or whatever it was. I was about 11 years old, taking a nap during the day so I could stay up late at my friend's house that night. It was bright out, and I couldn't sleep. I had an old worn pair of sandals next to my bed, the toes facing opposite directions.

Staring up at my ceiling, I heard something next to my bed. It sounded like someone tossing a shoe into my room. I looked over, and one of my shoes was it had just been tossed onto the floor. I was kind of surprised...not really knowing what to think. No one was in the house, and I had put those shoes there myself. I continued staring at them, hoping that I was just tired and seeing things, when the other shoe did a complete spin on its heel! Oddly enough, I wasn't completely terrified, but a little creeped out.

So, I hopped out of bed, jumped over my shoes, and went outside where my step-dad was working. My mom happened to drive up to the house from running errands just as I started telling my story. She was a firm believer in spiritual warfare and phenomena, so we went back into my room and prayed for at least a half an hour for the spirits to leave. Afterwards, my mom told me she saw a small black figure leave my room.

As an afterthought: Ten years later, my mom passed away. The night she died, she was in the living room in an hospital bed in a coma. I was awake in my room, lying in bed thinking about things when I heard my mother, as clear as if she were next to me, say "Honey, I love you." Fifteen minutes later, my step-dad came in to say that she was gone. Meanwhile, my grandmother, who lived a block away, heard "Goodbye mama." My step-dad remarried shortly thereafter. Before the wedding, he and his soon to be wife were sleeping together on the couch in the house where my mom passed away. My step-dad was sleeping, but his wife woke up and saw my mother walking down the hall and into the kitchen, just like she always did before she fell asleep for the night. Now this woman is not a believer of the I don't think she would make up something like this. My step-dad and my grandmother both saw her spirit shortly after she died.

I've never seen my mother's spirit, and I really don't feel comfortable about the idea of seeing her. Maybe she hasn't appeared to me because she knows? Aren't mothers wonderful
Bill from Connecticut, Rt. 33 Ridgefield, Connecticut

Click on picture for larger view.
Ghost picture - Rt. 33 in Ridgefield Connecticut

In early July, 2000, I was driving along Rt.33 in Ridgefield, CT at about 02:30, when I started seeing a red fox scurrying across the road. I took my digital camera (Olympus D-340R) out of the glove box and decided to try to take a picture or two.

I took about a dozen pictures through the open driver's side window, but only managed to catch one deer on "film". When I reviewed the pictures, I noticed something unusual on the fourth shot I took (see attached

The anomaly looks like cigarette smoke to me, but I generally don't smoke while driving, especially when I have a camera in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. Also, in order for smoke to appear like that, it would have to be in still air. That picture was taken through the open window of a car traveling at about 30 mph.

If you look closely, you'll see a telephone or guy wire that appears to be surrounded by the anomaly. If that is the case, it would have to have been about 20 yards away.

The night the picture was taken was on the cool side, but also fairly dry. I don't remember any fog or mist in the area.

I honestly don't know what I captured in this picture, but I thought it might be of interest. I would love to believe that there is an other-worldly explanation for it, but I'm inclined to think otherwise. I'd be interested in hearing more opinions.

(Name Withheld Upon Request), Dudleytown, Connecticut

I too have had an unusual experience at Dudleytown, Ct. I had not been there in 25 years and decided to show my sons where it was as they did not believe that I had ever been there as a teenager.  I swore I would never go back there again but got talked into it by my sons.

Having not been there in that long I figured nothing was gong to bother me. Boy was I wrong!

Right after we got there the feeling of being watched  became overwhelming as we started to walk up the trail I felt we were being followed.  I went back to my truck to wait for the four of them...All the time I was in my truck there was a pair of red eyes staring out of the dark at my truck.  As the eyes got closer I said "so much for bravery" and started hitting the horn to get the four of them back. I wasn't going to sit there alone anymore. Four times in the past I had seen the shape of what appeared to be a large white wolf or shadow. 25 years later I saw the same thing again. I knew it was time to leave and never return.

My older son had his car ahead of me as we were going down the steep hill I lost all breaks on my truck and almost hit my son's car in front of me!   I then took at least a mile to stop.  I proceeded to drive the truck for quite a distance home without any brakes, just a lot of downshifting. When my son took the wheel off the next day to see what had happened we found that the shoe had become lodged between the caliper and the rotor. The odds of that happening are unreal, and it completely snapped the caliper off,  I will NOT REPEAT my folly of returning there ever again this time I was lucky next time I might not be.

Two nights latter my older son saw the same wolf shape and told me about it but I had never told him thinking he would call me nuts...
Roland White, Summer 1973, Los Angeles, California

My mother died when I was 12. I remember quite a bit about that day and the weeks that followed. I won't go into details because we didn't find out she was dead until two weeks later.

My mom didn't come home that night. Oddly enough, we as kids didn't really think it was strange because momma had been away for a while and we had gotten use to her not being around. So we just went about business as usual. It was summertime, so we didn't have to go to school, but because momma was not at home, we couldn't go outside--that was the rule.

About the second or third day after momma didn't come home, me and my little sister was in the kitchen. I was looking out the back door at the other kids playing, and my sister was sitting on the floor, playing with a doll (I think). Anyway, while looking out the door, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, I saw this really bright light pulsating and floating across the room. It floated over my sister's head right by me and through the wall. I was so sure I had seen it that I immediately looked out the window of the back door to see if I could see it on the other side.

I never mentioned it to anyone, and I didn't really think about it too much until I saw a show on TV about real life Ghostbusters. They had some video footage of what I think is called an orb. It was a floating, pulsating light just like the one I had seen as a child. At that time, I still didn't put it all together, but sometime after that, maybe after seeing some other ghost-related show, I started to figure out what I had seen as a child. I now believe that the floating light I saw was the spirit of my mother coming by to check on us. I am the type of person that only believes what I see, so that event has made a believer out of me, at least in life (of some form) after death. Now, I just want to learn more about it (the after life).

Amanda J., April, 2000, Franklin, Tennessee

I have been doing extensive research in the Leiper's Fork community outside of Franklin, Tennessee, as I am looking for a farm to buy.  Whenever I asked the realtors about any possible paranormal activity on the older places ("older" meaning 100 years or more in age), they get freaked out, tight-lipped, conservative, and offended - which only peaks my interest all the more.

One particular property, historic "Morningside Farm", circa 1800, on Old Hillsboro Road, is a little-known site of a grisly double-murder suicide in the early 1800's.  Heavy and constant paranormal activity occur at the farm, apparition sightings, disembodied voices and cries for help late at night from the main house, footsteps, doors open and close by themselves, and a phantom horse roams the property searching for its owner.  The apparition of the man, who committed the murders, is often seen standing outside the front gates and inside the barn holding the bloody ax he used to commit the "deed".  Old land records reveal the house sits over a sacred Indian burial site.  Despite being up for sale for over two years, this property remains unsold and stands vacant.

I viewed Morningside Farm in both daylight hours and at night, and I saw the phantom horse and an apparition of a man by the front gate.  I got a cold chill every time I walked onto the property.  This place has bad vibes and it will never sell.

At one time I was seriously considering this property to purchase, but after thorough research and upon digging deep in county court house records, old land records, talking with prior occupants/owners, and interviewing neighbors who have lived in the area for several generations, I learned the true history of this place and "passed" on it.  It is very close in proximity to the Natchez Trace Trail.

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