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Added July 31, 2002

Footsteps in the Bedroom

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Phinex Griffen, Matoaka City Limits, West Virginia, 2002

We moved into our house about three years ago, the house was built sometime around the 1940s and used to be a bar called The Miners' Inn until about ten years ago. Since then, the house has been a ceramic shop, then two women ran a flower shop and it was rumored that they were witches.

The house has two levels, the top is the living area and the bottom is concrete with tile on top, but the other half of the lower level is dirt. There were lots of symbols on the walls of what was the bar but we painted over those with white paint. And we also disposed of the Ouija board we found here.

The upstairs is normal, but we believe there is a guardian angel living there with us. She always watched over the little girl, my niece. The downstairs has a cold uneasy feeling. Even more so now that we are fixing it up down there: concrete and more rooms, wires and all.

Downstairs my five-year-old niece would see things, like a man with long ears, like a bunny she said, standing at the door.

My sister, who is a recovering I.V. drug user, saw another sighting. She was doing drugs in the bathroom. She laid the drugs on the dryer and bent down, when she raised back up her drugs were in the sink with the water on. She also says she saw the angel walk up to the door were she was sleeping and stare at her. It tried to scare her off.

Mom, dad and I saw the angel walk around -- we used to see her a lot, but not since we concreted up the downstairs. But this isn't the reason I have wrote to you. Recently, we have heard, felt, and seen things downstairs -- disturbing things -- stuff to put your hair on ends.

In the storage room my Mom was stacking extra cushions and when she turned around, they fell. So she went to pick them back up and a powerful wind came by. It blew her hair back and she saw bright colors: reds, blues, yellows, and their mixtures. It could not have been a window, there are none back there.

Other things happen at night, when we're all upstairs we hear noises like stuff knocking, feet on floor -- bare feet, pops, cracks, and stuff dropping. But when we check it out, there are no signs of anything. I am not one to let something like this scare me, but lately when I go to bed I have had a weird feeling.

About two or three nights ago something happened to me. I just turned off the light and closed my eyes when I heard a sound like a bare foot on the floor -- it really spooked me. I have a lock on my room, so I reach over to my desk lamp, and right before I turned it on a bright white light, like in a ball-shape with a weird tail-thing behind it, streaked by. It was like a comet that came from the center of the room toward the bed. When I clicked the light on I grabbed a sword I keep in my room, but nothing was there. So I put my sword down. When I went to go back to sleep, I left the light on. Every time I would close my eyes I would hear the "foot" noise.

So can you tell us why, and what this is. And what to do?

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