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October 13, 2012

Halloween Ouija Night

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Amy -- Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom -- Halloween 2005

I was celebrating Halloween around my best mate Felicitie's (Fliss, for short) house. We usually have a laugh and a joke but neither of us had played with a oujia board before. So, we gathered about seven friends from the neighborhood.

First, we lit candles: one black, one red, one green and one clear. Fliss had purchased the board from an old shop in the Stoke town center. We sat down in her dining room and placed the board right in the middle of the dining room table. We all placed our fingers on the gold planchette. I was the reader so I asked the questions.

At first, we did not get any response, so we all giggled and made fun of the silly people who get themselves worked up about these "silly" boards. About five seconds after we stopped giggling, we heard a massive bang on the floor. I thought it was one of the boys playing a trick, so I suggested that we all sit legs-crossed on the chairs. I made sure we were all crossed legged and I said, "If it was a ghost that made the bang on the floor, can you please do it again?"

And it did.

I spoke again:"We will now try to communicate using the board." So we started to use the board again, and I again asked if anybody was present who wanted to communicated with us.

The planchette moved to "yes." I asked for a name, and it replied "I.A.M.U.N.C.L.E.A.N."

Fliss's uncle had passed on, so I inquired if we were talking with her Uncle Ian. The respone was no. Again, the planchette moved to the following letters "I.A.M.U.N.C.L.E.A.N"

We had made contact with an apparent demon. We decided to say sorry for disturbing and we thanked the spirit for its presence. However, it did not go. The spirit or demon flung Fliss back into the wall. Then, it came for me.

I had a vision of hell itself at that momment, and I remain grateful this day that it did not hurt me.

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