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2003 Encounters:
Haunted House and Failed Exorcism - La Plata, Maryland

Mt. Iron Apparition Caught on Videotape - Mt. Iron, Minnesota

Dissolving Figure at Fort Garry Hotel - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Dark Specter on Charles Island - Milford, Connecticut

Little Girl, Long, Red Hair - London, England

Poltergeists and Shadows - Iceland

Shaking Beds and Psychic Visions - Chino, California

Circling Chinese Bride - Shandong, China

A Name Called and a Bloody Nose - Princess Anne, Maryland

Unwanted Ghostly Roommates - Naples, Florida

Haunted House in Rochester - Rochester, New York

Ghostly Meow - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Breath of the Soul - Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Annoying Entity - Indiana

Spirits Magnet - Hopkins, Minnesota and Joshua, Texas

Ghostly Escape From Alcatraz - San Francisco, California

Basement Gravestone and Haunted Noises - Collinsville, Connecticut

"Help Me, Mommy!" - McCalla, Alabama

Spooked in Forest Park Cemetery - Brunswick, New York

A Protecting Shadow - San Antonio, Texas

Cat Haunting? - Battle Creek, Michigan

Warm Breeze From a Fallen Friend - Fillmore, California

A Ghostly Fight at St. Francis Hotel - San Francisco, California

Chicken Skin in the Mango Tree - Haleiwa, Hawaii

Tormented by Tall Shadow Man - Manchester, New Hampshire

Mom's Visit and the Smell of Gardenias - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Granville State Forest Orb - Granville, Massachusetts

Evil Voice Over Neil Sedaka - Indianapolis, Indiana

Cochem Castle Ghost - Cochem, Germany

Evil Stocky Specter - Iowa

Rage at a Malignant Presence - Noblesville, Indiana

The Haunted Farnsworth Inn - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Drawn to Psychic Energy - Herndon, Virginia

Ghost of Mars? - Hooe, England

A Sign from Pappaw - Texas

Ouija Boards and a Shaking Bed - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Misplaced Objects and Strange Events - New Hope, Pennsylvania

The Haunting That Follows - Norman, Oklahoma

Woman's Mocking Laugh - York, Pennsylvania

Evil Apartment - Phoenix, Arizona

Troubled House Spirits - Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Gabrielino Indian Family of Spirits - Pico Rivera, California

Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery Mausoleum Visits - Pflugerville, Texas

Spillway Light - Cave Run Lake, East Kentucky

Rafter Man at Summer Camp - Dahlonega, Georgia

Winnipeg's Haunted Fort Garry - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Swallow Hill Road Haunted House - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Slapped in the Face - New York, New York

Shadow Figure at a German Manor House - Outside of Hamburg, Germany

Visit From the Angel of Death - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Ouija Board Warning - Ontario, Canada

Psychic Energy Cloud - Los Angeles, California

Heavy Breathing and a Flying Penny - San Roman and Edinburg, Texas

Scratching Around the Room - Walnut Creek, California

Ghostly House Guests - Arizona

Family's Guardian Angels - Mesa, Arizona

Eerie Premonition - Paralowie, South Australia

Angry Spirit with Black Eyes - Columbus, Kansas

Ghost of the School Caretaker - Fermanagh, Ireland

Forest Park Cemetery Shadow - Troy, New York

One Last Visit From Daddy - Monticello, Arkansas

Vicious Hag - Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Phantom Tennis Court - North Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mural Orb - Palm Beach County, Florida

Civil War Soldier Ghosts - Marietta, Georgia

Supernatural Magnet Dog - Indianapolis, Indiana

Late-Night Footsteps - Bethel Island, California

Haunted Bathroom - Orchard Park, New York

China Hutch Orb - Chisholm, Minnesota

Creepy Childhood Home - Indianapolis, Indiana

Puppy Orb - Minersville, Pennsylvania

Family Spirits at a Birthday Party - Princeton, Illinois

Spectral Attack at Forest Park Cemetery - Troy, New York

Hong Kong Master, Protecting Spirit - Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Greyhound Orbs - Canastota, New York

"We'll Never Get Out of Here" - New Jersey

Louden Road Ouija Board - Fredericksburg, Texas

Midwestern Georgia Ghost Hunt - Georgia

Dreaming Man - Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Night Shadow Man - Ontario, Canada

Brooklyn Doorman - Brooklyn, New York

Nightly Horrors at 1:15 AM - Brisbane, Australia

Prankster Boy - Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Hand in the Dresser - Livonia, Michigan

Childhood Orbs and Mist - Hibbing and Chisholm, Minnesota

Tagging Along and Playing Pranks - Central Illinois

Spirit Send Off - Lowell, Massachusetts

Attacking Old Hag - Bradbury, California

Back Porch Woman - Greensboro, North Carolina

Returning Grandfather - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Ireland Ghost Bus Tour - Dublin, Ireland

Halloween Work-House - Penicuik, Scotland

Held Down Sleeping - Souderton, Pennsylvania

Visiting Christmas Mist - Fairborn, Ohio

Added March 11, 2003

Nightly Horrors at 1:15 AM

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Kym and Dan, Brisbane, Australia, February - March 2003,

We are seeking help for a problem we are experiencing in Brisbane, Australia. We have sought help from other sources but believe after seeing your Web site you are very genuine and would appreciate any advice you can give on our situation.

I would be grateful if you could give us advice as we are desperate at this point and very tired and run down. Below details past experience, present experience, and what's happened up until tonight at 1:13 AM, it appears to be getting worse. I am not sure how to go about explaining this so I will do my best.

Over the past few nights, myself and my fiancé have been woken up at the same time every morning (usually around 1:15 AM). During the first night -- which was about four nights ago, I woke up at 11:00 PM and had a horrible sensation go through my body. It felt like part of me had died inside, I felt nauseous, and very frightened when I woke. After a while I fell back to sleep but woke up again at 1:00 AM to go to the bathroom. I still had the nervy feeling and on my way back I looked up and in the room off our bedroom I saw the figure of a man sitting in the chair, but it was completely black -- like a shadow. When I glanced back it was gone.

The next morning I told my fiancé who said he had seen the same shadow many times but didn't speak up out of fear I might not believe him. He also said he would often hear footsteps, doors opening, cupboards opening, etc.

The next two nights I heard someone whispering in my ear and could feel the breath. The pillows from my fiancé's side of the bed ended up over on my side in a straight line behind my back. Again the time was 1:15 AM in the morning.

The next night when we arrived home from being out, there was a foul smell in our bedroom -- but only I could smell it. It smelled like a dirty, nappy smell -- I got the air freshener and sprayed the room, but it took a while before the odor disappeared. My fiancé recalls a foul stench two weeks prior to this, but that time I couldn't smell it -- again, it was around the area of our bedroom. Then the same night of the nappy smell, my fiancé was awoken at 1:15 AM by a screeching sound like a monkey or baboon, and it circled around the bed.

In the morning we started talking, I told him I slept through the night for once. He told me what he experienced, and he said it gave him cold chills when it happened. I told him when I was a kid I used to hear a strange noise at 1:00 in the morning every morning for almost a year -- and it sounded like baboons screaming in pain. After a year, it stopped and I didn't hear it again for about eight years until we moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and I heard it the first night we moved, but never again. He asked me to make the noise I heard -- when I did, the hair on his back stood up and he got instant goose bumps on his body as he said it was the same noise he heard during the night!

I am, or should I say both of us are feeling lost as to what to do, or how to handle this situation. It's not to the point where we are both petrified yet, but it's playing on our minds. Would getting our house blessed help? Or hanging up crucifixes in our bedroom and the areas of the house it happens?

This is from last night
Last night, Dan woke up at 1:17 AM and felt scratching, or nails running along the back of his body, but I was sound asleep. As he sat up and looked at me, he saw the clock read 1:17 AM. The feeling he had was that of long, sharp nails -- mine are longish, but not sharp -- they are rounded at the top. He said it had a strong feeling to it.

The arguments have ceased, and we are more in harmony together than ever before. but oddly enough, last night, both of us started to get that uneasy feeling again. As Dan locked the door -- both of us were afraid to move again!

Dan just now went and splashed holy water in the spare room, and as he did so he felt a cold spot and the hairs on his neck stood on end like the feeling we got before. The spare room is in complete darkness always and is one of the few rooms in the house we haven't painted with bright colors. The walls have been torn down there due to us renovating, and to be honest when we began renovating a few weeks back was when these strange experiences started to get really strong.

Also, Mum just came by. She is ill and has had a hard life -- since she left it's started up. I was just in the bedroom by myself and Dan went to the kitchen to clean up -- my bag handles on the door began moving, then the door, as if a monsoon storm hit, flew with all its might and shut. It didn't shut completely, because the door gets stuck on the tiles, but it flew to shut so quickly that it startled me. I glanced at the window but there was no breeze, and it is a still night tonight.

I don't think we can go thru to many more sleepless, uncomfortable nights. It takes too much out of us. Later on Thursday we are going camping on Moreton Island to get away. In the meanwhile, or when we get back what do we do? Should we get in a priest?

This is from Tonight
Its currently 2:45 AM and as usual we can't sleep due to what we have just experienced. It's getting worse!

For starters, tonight we both felt a horrible cold feeling through our bodies. Earlier, we got out of the house and went for a walk around 8:30 PM, when we returned the door nearly slammed shut and locked me in the room.

Tonight, upon arriving home we both felt shaken up and decided to watch a video as the insomnia feelings are kicking in again. Tonight it was worse because we were on edge and awake all night right up till 12:03 AM when Dan got up to turn on the fan because it was hot and there was no breeze. Before going to bed we did sprinkle the remaining holy water through the room and near our bed. Tonight I think we fell asleep or started to after 12:03 AM, then I awoke, or it felt like I was in a dream- like state, but then I was suddenly awake, looking at the clock -- it was 1:13 AM. When I awoke, I saw a cloud of blackish gray smoke erupting within itself moving in and out from the center of the room. The smoke was right near the side of my bed on the wall where I didn't sprinkle holy water. There was a face that was there and I could hear swearing, like F*** off...F*** you...F*** this and F*** that. Then these two boney looking arms came out at me with long fingers and sharp nails -- it reached across the bed, but pulled back instantly (I had sprinkled the holy water on the bed, not sure if this is coincidence). When it pulled its arms back in it cursed at me F*** you!

At this stage I was then wide awake but could still see the smoke clearly. Dan was awake too. I was almost screaming at him hysterically telling him I could see it, and it was there in the room looking at me. Dan was asking where, and I pointed but then it disappeared. I told Dan I could see it and broke down in tears. He felt a sharp, pulling numb feeling -- pain in his rib cage as if something was being pulled from him, then it disappeared. When I glanced at the clock, sure enough it was 1:13 AM.

Our house is constantly colder inside all the time, we notice when we go out for a walk at night but the cold is mainly in our bedroom, the spare room, hall, bathroom, and hallway that feels this way. At night, if you go to the kitchen, you get to a certain point and you are overwhelmed with fear and a coldness, and you want to run back to the room because you can feel something watching you -- just biding its time until that 1:15 AM where it appears to be the strongest.

We want to get the house blessed and will make calls in the morning, but are afraid of what this might do and hope you can give us direction on the matter? Do you feel its a ghost or something else because the feeling we get is that it's evil and is trying to harm us. When it was reaching out for me tonight, it was hissing at me and swearing. At first I thought maybe I was swearing at it, but Dan said I wasn't saying anything until I got upset and started saying it was near my head.

Please give us some advice. Tonight we are going to stay at my Mother's or a friend's because this is beyond a joke -- we are getting no sleep and feel worn out. What about Crucifixes in our room and around our neck, to wear constantly? I am also worried that what would have happened if it did manage to get that door locked on me tonight? Some nights it mocks me, and other nights Dan, but its getting worse and a lot stronger.

The strange thing is it's now 3:00 AM and we feel nothing in the house. It's always strong around 1:00 - 2:15 AM and then it's peaceful, but the stress of knowing that time is coming up is unbearable!

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