Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends

Ghosts Encounter

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Witness: Brian Leffler Location: Lakeside Cemetery, Coleraine, Minnesota Date of Encounter: October 10, 2004 Click on image to see video - 460 KB.
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Witness: Brian Leffler Location: Hibbing High School Auditorium, Hibbing, Minnesota Date of Encounter: October 8, 2004 Click on image to see video - 505 KB.
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Witness: Bryan S. Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Date of Encounter: October 19, 2003 2 A.M. Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Colleen Location: Chatham, New Jersey Date of Encounter: December 23, 2002 Click on image to see video (requires sound) - 710 KB.
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Witness: Lori Payne Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Date of Encounter: January 2004 My father passed away in April of 2002 and his loss has...
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Witness: Destry Location: Boise, Idaho Date of Encounter: November 2003 I was on my bed in the corner of my room, which has...
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Witness: Regz Regalado Location: 5-G Inigo Street, Davao City, Philippines Date of Encounter: July-November, 2003 I'm from the southern Philippine city of Davao...
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Witness: Crystal Location: Hamilton, Ohio Date of Encounter: September 19, 2003 I have always believed in spirits. Ever since I was six years...
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Witness: The Aloha Spirit Location: La'ie, O'ahu, Hawai'i Date of Encounter: July, 1990 Ancient Hawai'i had a feudal system of government. Each island...
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Witness: Ray White Location: Captain Tony's Bar, Key West, Florida Date of Encounter: November 11, 2003 Click on picture for larger view.