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Witness: Destry
Location: Boise, Idaho
Date of Encounter: November 2003

I was on my bed in the corner of my room, which has two windows by each corner. My sister and I had just finished fighting over cleaning the living room — I had claimed that I was tired and wanted to rest instead of clean. So I lay on my bed and look at the clock: 4:30 PM. I closed my eyes and fall asleep. Later, I heard an unfamiliar, "Hello." It was a female voice, around the age of 13-16, I would think, the voice had a possible accent, but I'm not sure. I opened my eyes immediately and tried to sit up, but couldn't. I felt a rush through my body, and the vision above me was blurry — I couldn't make out anything. After continuing to sit up, the rush went and I finally sat up, calling my sister. It was then 4:45 PM. My two dogs (boxers) were on the foot of the bed and were unaffected. After calling my sister eight times, there was no answer. From then I climbed out of bed and saw my sister, who was in the living room, safe and sound. She said she hadn't heard me calling. 

Possible explanations:

  • A friend told me it could have been something called sleep paralysis, where you are in the middle of consciousness and sleeping- but no explanation was given for the voice.
  • My family is religious, so my aunt suggested a guardian angel.
  • A Wiccan friend of mine suggested someone on the spirit plane trying to mess with me, or I actually heard a spirit. 

However, I believe it was an encounter of some sort. Since then I have moved to another room in the house, and nothing has happened since.

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