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Witness: Brian Leffler
Location: Lakeside Cemetery, Coleraine, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: October 10, 2004

Click on image to see video – 460 KB.
Ghost Video

This video was shot during the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators' investigation of Lakeside Cemetery.

Bertha was said to be a witch and buried outside where the cemetery was in 1910 when she died. Bertha's stone has been the stuff of legends ever since. Some people claim that you can't find her stone during the day (false). It has also been said that the stone moves around (also false). One thing that is for certain is that she is there, being captured on EVP and also video. We certainly believe that the object moving across this video is Bertha.

The object is moving across about a 15 yard area making turns as it goes. It passes behind my son (kneeling) and Bertha's headstone, then turns back toward me and goes behind another member's legs. In the original video it makes this trek in 1.1 seconds of video.

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