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Witness: Brian Leffler
Location: Hibbing High School Auditorium, Hibbing, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: October 8, 2004

Click on image to see video – 505 KB.
Ghost Video

This is a video that was captured in the Hibbing High School Auditorium. It was captured in dressing room number 10 at the end of the investigation by our group, Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators. One of our members was attempting to use the pendulum to make contact with a spirit that has been seen up there a number of times. We were completely unaware that anything had been captured until reviewing the video after the investigation. There were five members present when this shadow moved across his arm and onto the wooden furniture in front of him and then disappeared.

During the middle of October 2004, a psychic contacted me and we discussed the auditorium. He looked at the pictures taken there and saw a spirit that he described only as a "black, globular shadow." I found this very interesting since he had no idea of this video at the time. This video is also corresponding with the thread posted in spiritography.

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