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Witness: Regz Regalado
Location: 5-G Inigo Street, Davao City, Philippines
Date of Encounter: July-November, 2003

I'm from the southern Philippine city of Davao and since last July strange things have been happening to me in my apartment. One time, I woke up at about 12:00 midnight to go to the bathroom and I saw a girl in either gray or white sitting on the chair right next to my bed. I turned away, but when I looked back she was gone. The night after, I put some of my stuff on the chair just in case something might happen, so when I woke up at roughly the same time, I didn't see anything, but I was shocked when I heard this girl's voice laughing behind me.

Another time when I was going up the stairs I heard someone calling me downstairs in a hushed tone — it sounded female — but I was the only one in the house, I knew that because I was the one that always came home first to unlock the night-latch and the padlock — this continued for three days. Another time while I was lying down on the sofa downstairs I saw this thing on the window being reflected by the TV (the TV was turned off). It was like a girl's silhouette — it continues even today and happens only at daytime.

Another time, while I was running to open the gate of the compound for my father to get in, I saw this naked person by the wall of the apartment next door. When I looked back, she disappeared. Also. whenever I took a bath last August, I'd see this female face with blurry eyes drawn in perfect detail with watery lines from the inside of the mirror when I wipe off the fog (because I always use warm water).

When I went to the far northern city of Tagaytay to attend a national youth congress, I was alone sitting at the stairs in front of the development academy of the Philippines (D.A.P.) souvenir shop at about 10-11:00 PM. I saw this girl behind the glass wall behind me wearing a wet white shirt with red sleeves and a pair of jeans, so I went back to taking pictures of the compound, when I took a picture of the dark flight of stairs next to the D.A.P. shop, I saw this girl's silhouette on the stairs exactly when the camera flashed. I ran to the hallway of the sleeping quarters near where I previously was but when I sat down leaning on the wall of my schoolmate's room, I saw the same girl I saw in the other part of the building standing in front of the glass door at the end of the hallway that leads to the outside, except this time she covered herself with either a towel or a blanket. I took a picture of the door from where I was and afterwards dashed into my schoolmate's room. I told them about it but they didn't believe me. Of the 36 shots I took on the trip only 28 were developed, all except the picture that I took of the girl.

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