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Witness: Crystal
Location: Hamilton, Ohio
Date of Encounter: September 19, 2003

I have always believed in spirits. Ever since I was six years old, now, I am 20. I have had many encounters with them, but nothing like what I have experienced on this day.

I was at my friend's house hanging out and was staying all night. We were watching TV and started having a conversation. They told me that if we didn't pay attention to the TV and let it stay on, it will shut off by itself. I was like, "Yeah, right. You have a timer on it." They said, "No, the TV was too old and didn't have a timer." I looked at the TV's menu and they were right, so I started talking to them, and about an hour later the TV went off.

I wasn't really spooked by that, we just went on talking and laughing. Then they had told me that the house was haunted. I thought okay, now you tell me. They said there was a man in the basement that committed suicide after killing another man and an old woman in the house. Okay, before I found any of this, I heard footsteps on the basement steps. I thought it was Chad or Stacie, but it wasn't. Chad was in the shower, and Stacie was at the store.

That night I was laying on the floor of their room and almost asleep when my covers moved. I thought it was me, so I just ignored it and tried to fall asleep. A couple of minutes later my cover was pulled off me and I tried to move but couldn't because it felt as if an unseen force was holding me down. I started screaming and woke Chad and Stacie up. Chad said, "Turn on the lights." I couldn't move, of course, but I forced myself too. Chad told me that at the end of the bed it looked like someone wearing a black hood was poking their head up and down and was floating above the bed. Needless to say, none of us slept that night. That was a ghost they didn't know about.

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