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Witness: Lori Payne
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Encounter: January 2004

My father passed away in April of 2002 and his loss has been very difficult on both myself and my mother. Mom had a dream right after dad died in which he came to her, sat on the bed and just smiled at her. She felt he was ok. I never had that and I so wanted to know he was ok.

The oddest thing has been happening. My mother and I were preparing to go out one afternoon, mom looked down, saw a penny on the floor, and picked it up. She smiled at me and said you realize that when you find a penny someone from heaven is sending you their love. She held up the penny and said I love you to Richard (my fathers name). I smiled at the thought and off we went. I didn't think any more about it. Well, since that day, almost everyday I find a penny on the ground in various locations (home, work, on the street, you name it). They are always heads up. The first few times I didn't pay attention, I would pick them up and go on. Then it struck me that it was happening an awful lot. Maybe my mother is right and daddy is sending me love. So now each time I see yet another penny, I smile and say, "I love you too, daddy." I hope he keeps sending me pennies from heaven.

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