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Witness: Colleen
Location: Chatham, New Jersey
Date of Encounter: December 23, 2002

Click on image to see video (requires sound) – 710 KB.
Ghost Video

It was about 1AM when my friend and I decided to finish wrapping Christmas gifts. We were sitting in the family room with a fire blazing, wrapping gifts, and making small talk. The subject turned to the suicide of my friend's new husband's last wife. The room became very cold, a phenomenon I had become used to living in this haunted house. I suggested we snap some shots in the dark and assumed we would catch some orbs in the photos as this is what usually happened in this house when it became cold so suddenly.

I snapped a few pictures — but they all came out black, even with the flash in use. This was very unusual. I asked my friend to get her camera, thinking it was a problem with mine. The same thing happened — black pictures. I started playing with the buttons on my camera as I walked through the dining room toward the living room. What I didn't realize was I was actually taking a video. I had no idea the camera was capable of video as the camera belonged to my boyfriend. I discovered the video five months later when I charged the camera to take some photos in New York City. You can see an orb at the beginning of this video, then you see me walking through the dining room, then a mysterious woman appears at the end in the hallway on the right.

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