Ghost encounters submitted from around the world including photos, videos, and first-hand accounts.
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Witness: Ronda Allen Location: Chisholm, Minnesota Date of Encounter: May 2003 Click on pictures for larger view.
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Witness: Michael A. Wethington Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Date of Encounter: 1975 It all started when I was about ten years old. We had...
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Witness: Maggie Location: Minersville, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: March 1, 2003 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Amanda Ahulau Location: Princeton, Illinois Date of Encounter: May 23, 2001 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Evan Location: Pinewood / Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, New York Date of Encounter: April 26, 2003 I have heard all the...
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Witness: Sarah Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong Date of Encounter: April 26, 2003 I live in a tiny, old Chinese village house. As...
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Witness: KC Lynch Location: Canastota, New York Date of Encounter: September & October 2002 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Coby Baldauf Location: New Jersey Date of Encounter: Easter - April 20, 2003 I went to visit my...
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Witness: Leroy Location: Fredericksburg, Texas Date of Encounter: August 1997 I used to mess with ouija boards, and my friend who liked to...
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Witness: Elak Swindell and Simeon Sierocki - E.O.P.S. - Explorers of Paranormal Sites Location: midwestern, Georgia Date of Encounter: March 2003 For...