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Witness: Ramey
Location: Punchbowl, NSW, Australia
Date of Encounter: November 19, 2002

Click on image to see video (requires sound).
Ghost Video

My cousin claimed that a particular statue that was in my brother's room moved on its own. Here are his words: 

"I was sitting in your brother's room watching TV. It was actually early in the morning around 3:30 AM. Well, I focused myself off the TV for a second, and I swear that the statue was looking at me, and quickly turned back. I looked the statue straight in the eye, even though that was impossible for the statue to look at me, because originally it faces down. It fluidly moved back to its original place, kind of like Play-Doh, it moved in slow-motion yet it was really quick. It is so hard to explain, but I was so freaked, so I moved the statue and hid it in the cupboard. I think a spirit actually entered it. It couldn't find anything to enter, so it went to the statue and tried to get my attention." 

My cousin wasn't the only one to experience the statue moving, my uncle and a friend of mine said they also saw the statue move. One mysterious thing was that when I looked under the statue on the white quilt was a thick blue substance, which eventually evaporated into the quilt. It isn't ink, and it wasn't there before…What is it? And where did it come from? It's still there now, was the statue effected? 

I know about all these proven hoaxes around the Internet of "Haunted Paintings" and "Haunted Furniture." Yet I have no intention in doing that. My house is haunted, that is a well proven fact, by many people who have come to my house. Yet now claims have turned to proof for me. I did my own investigation on this statue in my brother's room, and the results are amazing. I took some photos of it late at night with my Webcam and got many strange things. I think a ghost is either attached to the statue, or is possessing it to get our attention. 

Want to see the statue in action? When I say action. I mean the statue moving, rolling its eyes, smiling, and giving out tons of energy. Yes! I'm for real. Just click on the image above to see the AVI file. This was witnessed by many who were watching my Webcam at the time. 

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