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Witness: Kat
Location: Hartlepool, England
Date of Encounter: December 17, 2003

I am going to tell the encounter I experienced just over 10 minutes ago. I'm 14 and I live in a big, old, Victorian house, with my bedroom at the front in the attic. The back garden is built over some very old graves from many years ago. I have had many encounters from when I moved into my room. It all started off with my cousin and brothers who had spent random nights in the room, sleep walking and having bad nightmares. Just then, I started to have very bad dreams of a man in the army in black and white called Tom. Tom talked before I moved into that room, my cousin told me to beware of the wardrobes as they were haunted. After, Tom told me in these dreams he was in the army. As the years went on, I would have various encounters with Tom, coming from my wardrobe. He was very friendly, and is about six feet tall and wears an army suit. He told me he died in the army, and so did his girlfriend. My room used to be Tom's room at one point. Anyway, my latest encounter was very different to the encounters I've had with Tom before, and has made me very afraid.

I was in my room, just about to turn on the TV, when I realized I had two heaters turned on. the one on the wall and the plug-in radiator. So, I turned my light on but one of the bulbs had gone. I went to turn off the plug-in radiator, as I went to turn the switches, the heater suddenly fell over. As it hit the ground, all the lights in the house went off and one of my wardrobe doors flew open and out of it flew a bright orb which moved fast across my room towards my window. As it moved, I looked into my mirror which I was facing — it was angled so that I could see all of my dolls in it — only their faces appeared to be lit up for some reason. when I realized what was happening I screamed. A few seconds later, my dad turned the electricity back on. so, I went to pick up the radiator, and at the same time closed my wardrobe door which had been flung open when the orb flew out. As I did this, the electricity went off immediately again, and I felt a sudden forceful power against me, keeping the wardrobe door open. the next thing I knew, the orb flew back across the room and back into the wardrobe. again, I screamed after a few seconds of shock, and my dad turned the electricity back on again. when I told my mom about these encounters, she said not to worry as it will have just been a spark from the radiator. people will not believe this but I was there and I know what I saw. 

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