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Witness: Krysta
Location: Lackawanna, New York
Date of Encounter: June 4, 2000

I have really bad asthma. My doctors tell me that if there was another name for it, that's what I would be. One day my chest felt tight so I took my breathing machine. Then I told my mom because it didn't really help. She told me to try and relax and maybe go to sleep. When I tried to go to sleep I saw this woman standing over me! She told me her name was Florence and to go to my mom and to sleep with my mom for the next three days. I went and told my mom what she said and described the lady to my mom. She told me that Florence was her Aunt Flo. She said that she had died before I was born so there is no way I would have known who she was. on June 6th 2000, I went into a drug induced coma. If I had not been sleeping with my mom that day I would not have been able to call out to her and she wouldn't have been able to take me to the hospital in time and I would have died.

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