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Witness: Eldren Louise Cruz
Location: Orion, Bataan, Philippines
Date of Encounter: August-October, 2003

I am a fourth year high school student and I am studying in a 75 year-old school… the school I was studying in was said to have a haunted history. But many students did not believe that our school was haunted. 

One time in august, when I was having my social studies class, something caught my attention. It was a girl sitting next to the door that leads outside our class room. The girl looks pale and her hair was all over her face. The girl was trying to say something to me, but I couldn't hear anything. Then the girl stood, but still I can't understand what she was trying to say. She tried to reach me, but her feet were all tied-up. Then she disappeared — a minute later, I felt that I was all used up. My knees felt weak, I couldn't even stand, then I collapsed. My classmates rushed me to the school clinic. I slept in the clinic for about three hours. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. The doctor said that I should take a rest, for a week. Later that night, nobody was in that hospital room but me. It was about 11 P.M., I woke up suddenly. I went to the comfort room to wash my face, but when I turned the lights on in the comfort room, I saw an old lady standing next to me, and she was smiling. I was shocked! I ran outside my room as quick as I could! I ran to the nurse's station and told them that I saw an old lady in my room. One of the nurses went with me to my room to see if it was true, but we saw nothing but an open faucet and an open window. Then she told me that an old woman died in that same room a year ago because of cancer. She also told me that the hospital was a battle field 50 years ago. Soon, when morning came, I called my mom to fetch me up. Since then my third eye was opened. Every time I see something strange or a ghost, I'm sure to have a terrible headache.

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