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Witness: Alex
Location: Edina, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: 1986-1990

When I was about five years old my mom, sister, and I moved into a large, older two-story house. My sister and I slept upstairs while my mom slept downstairs in the master bedroom. One afternoon my sister was in the dining room doing her homework after school and she heard someone walking down the creaky wooden staircase from upstairs. Then she heard someone call out for "mommy." Thinking that I had stayed home sick from school, she went upstairs looking for me. I wasn't home from school yet.

My sister went into the basement to tell my mom what happened and my mom then confessed what had been happening in the house when she was alone. My sister and I would go to our dad's house for the weekends and my mom would be alone in the house. She said that many times late at night she would hear walking on the second floor and on the stairs and also heard a faint voice calling for "mommy." She said that she had even called the neighbors over a few times because she was convinced someone was in the house. The neighbors also heard noises but couldn't explain it. Hearing this news excited my sister and as soon as I got home she told me that our house was haunted. I told her I didn't believe her and that she was just trying to scare me. I didn't believe in ghosts. However, one night a few months later my sister woke me up in the middle of the night. She had been working on a book report due the next day and she told me she started to hear strange noises. I told her she was just hearing things because she was so tired and was up so late but she was really scared and asked me to come and sit in her room with her until she finished. I finally agreed and was sitting on her floor in silence as she wrote her report. Suddenly, I heard walking right outside her door, almost like pacing up and down the hallway and up and down the stairs. I looked at my sister horrified and she said "That's what I've been hearing!" Scared out of my mind, I ran downstairs into my mom's room where I slept for the night.

Although my mom and sister had other similar experiences, I didn't have another one for many months. The next one I remember is waking up in the early morning and hearing walking coming down the hallway toward my room. I sat up in bed, and in the window across from my bed I saw a silhouette of a little boy standing in my doorway. I then turned and looked all around my room but no one was there. We lived in the house for seven years and we heard/experienced strange things like this for the first five years but for about the last two years, nothing strange ever happened. I cannot explain it but I know it changed me forever and I will always believe in ghosts!

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