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Witness: Amy
Location: Alva, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: August 1994

My sophomore year in college my mother passed away very suddenly on a Sunday morning. It was very hard on me and my family. She was not even 42 years old. On the Tuesday night after her death, I had what others have just dismissed as a dream, but I truly believe I spent part of the night talking to my mother at the end of the bed. I felt comforted by the discussion. The next morning the only thing I could remember her telling me was that I shouldn't worry… I would meet someone who would love me. 

I didn't think anything of this until much later. On Wednesday night I met a young man whom I later married and have spent eight wonderful years together. It wasn't until we were engaged that I found out that he had met my mother on the Friday before she died. He had met her before I had met him. 

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