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Witness: Chantel
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Date of Encounter: 1998

This happened in or around 1998 or so. My mom, my step-dad and I lived in an older character home, on a very quiet street in a nice neighborhood. The house was older, and it had a huge backyard with a really old brown shed/garage type thing. I was about 14 at the time. There were two separate incidents at this house.

Anyways, my bedroom was off to the side of the living room. My step-dad, working weird schedules, had a habit of falling asleep on the living room couch, and leaving the TV on low. So I didn’t think this was anything weird until the next morning.

I walked out of my room at about 1AM, and to get to the kitchen you have to walk through the living room. I saw the lights from the TV on in the living room, and I looked to see if my step-dad was on the couch, but he wasn’t. I figured he went to bed and left the TV on. I continued walking through the living room, and the TV went off, I thought maybe I stepped on the remote or something, I looked down, and there was a black scuff marked-looking thing on the floor (we had hardwood). I took my foot off of it, and the TV went back on. Stepped again, TV went off, etc. I thought nothing of it, thinking maybe I was half asleep and I was seeing things or I was stepping on something and I just couldn’t tell what it was. A little freaked out I went to my moms room to see if she could hear the TV, or to see if maybe the power went out. I got to their room and woke my mom up, asked her if she could hear the TV or what was going on, and she told me to go back to bed, and that I was probably dreaming. I asked where my step-dad was, and my mom said he was working nights that week. He left at about 7 PM that night, and didn’t return until 3 AM — long after this incident happened. So I said fine, no big deal, I’ll go to bed. So I went back to my room only to find that my garbage can had moved, normally it’s under my desk, but when I got back to my room, it was moved to the middle of the doorway. I know I didn’t move it there, because why would I leave my room, then barricade it with my garbage can? Fine, whatever I thought, and went back to sleep.

The next morning, at breakfast, my mom asked what last night was all about, so I told her what happened, and at first she seemed like she didn’t believe me, and then she asked me if I remembered what was on TV, without hesitation I said Jenny Jones (of all the shows why would I say Jenny Jones if I was lying?). She remembered it was about 1 AM when I woke her up, and she looked in the TV guide, and sure enough, starting at 12:45 AM on channel 28 was Jenny Jones. I went to show her the scuff mark, but of course, it was gone. The remote was on top of the TV. I could tell by the goosebumps on her arms that she believed me. 

The other incident happened to my step-dad. We were outside barbequing one evening, and my mom was in the house preparing the table. I saw him looking up at the shed in the back yard (the thing was almost all windows, with the exception of the door), and his face went white, I'm talking whiter than white itself. He dropped his barbeque sauce on the ground as he was still looking at whatever it was he saw. He’s a big, tough guy and never gets creeped out. He ran inside the house, and told my mom he saw some kind of old woman in the window of the shed. My mom laughed at him until she saw that he was dead serious. He described her as short, short gray hair, wearing a light blue shirt or dress. He said she wasn’t scary looking, but just that she was looking through the window staring right at him. The description he gave was identical to what my grandmother looked like, who passed away 10 years before my mom even met my step-dad. So he couldn’t have known what she looked like, unless he’s seen the very few pictures we have of her, and even then, why would he play such a sick joke? 

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