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The Fourth Book of Occult PhilosophyThe Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
By Henry Cornelius Agrippa translated by Robert Turner
Publisher: Ibis Press (December 2004)
Pages: 232 – Price: $40.00 review

This is a collection of writings which had a tremendous and lasting impact on the Golden Dawn, magick, and those involved in geomancy. For those interested in how spirits are summoned, this is the book.

There are six separate books in one volume. Agrippa’s Of Magical Ceremonies gives specific hints on how to invoke spirits, demons, angels and other spiritual creatures. De Abano’s Heptameron written in 1513 containing conjurations for angels of the seven days of the week. Georg Villinganus’ Isagoge is a collection of writings on the nature of spirits, and full of controversial viewpoints. The Arbatel of Magick published in 1575 concerns the Olympic spirits in magickal practice. Agrippa’s Of Geomany contains his detailed instructions on divining by means of the earth. Gerard of Cremona (1114 – 1187) wrote the Of Astronomical Geomancy which is of important interest for those wishing to know more about astrology.

Taken together, this is a perfect collection of writings concerning magick. It will appeal to readers of the paranormal and supernatural, and should have a wide audience appeal. 

This book would make a nice gift for those interested in these classic books of magick. An ideal reference book for your librarian to order for your local Public Library. 

The commentary by Stephen Skinner is topnotch and literate. Highly recommended reference book on magick.

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