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Witness: (Name Withheld Upon Request)
Location: Warrensburg, Missouri
Date of Encounter: 2000-2001

My husband and I lived in a very small cottage style house in Warrensburg when we were first married. It was a small house, but we could afford the rent and we equated small with cozy, so there we were. The trouble began the first night we moved into the house. Somewhere around 1:00 AM we heard a knock at the front door. My husband and I were still awake in the kitchen and he went to the door while I tried to peek out the window to see who one earth it could be, as we did not know anyone there yet. There was no one at the door. Then, within 15 seconds, there was knocking at the backdoor, yet no one was there either. My husband went outside and walked the perimeter of the house. He found no one and saw nothing that could have made the knocking sound. This struck us as odd, but we joked about it, as at the last house we lived in we had previously had knockings on walls and in the garage, lights flashing off and on, etc. We joked that maybe whatever was at the other house had followed us. Then went to bed and forgot about it for the night. Over the year and a half we lived at this house, many odd things happened. Usually they happened while I was home alone or during the night. One night we had gone to bed and were sleeping when I awoke to the feeling of someone staring at me. Drowsily, I sat up a little, and there at the foot of my bed, was the very distinct outline of a man standing and looking over me. I thought it was my husband, and sleepily, I asked him, what are you doing? He didn't answer, he just looked at me. So then I asked him again, what are you doing? He didn't answer me.  I got frustrated, laid back down, and turned onto my side to turn over and go back to sleep, which is the exact moment when I saw my husband laying there in bed next to me, sound asleep, oblivious to what was happening. I became afraid but looked back toward the foot of the bed, and the man was gone.

Another time, just after my husband and I had gone to bed for the evening we had another encounter, but this time we were both awake. I have a habit of shaking my foot when I am antsy or annoyed, as does my husband. On that night, we were lying there in bed and the foot of the bed began shaking slightly as if my husband had begun shaking his foot. I ignored it at first, but after a few minutes began to get annoyed and asked him to stop shaking his foot. He said, "What do you mean? You stop shaking your foot. I am not moving mine." At that moment I extended my feet over to both of his feet and realized each of our feet were touching the other's and neither of us were moving and yet the foot of the bed was still shaking, almost rhythmically. I was, again, scared, and we laid there for about 15-30 seconds until it stopped. My husband jumped up out of bed and turned the lights on throughout the small five room house. There was nothing to be found.

On another day I had come home from work and was by myself. I had a bit of a headache, so decided to take a short nap before my husband got home from work. As I went into the bedroom to lie down I heard a sort of clicking sound, like someone flipping a light switch back and forth rapidly. But I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and no lights were flickering, so I went on and laid down. Just as I was dozing off, I heard the noise again. It sounded like it was in the kitchen. As I got up to go look, the noise moved form the kitchen to the bathroom, and I ran into the bathroom just in time to see the switch physically flipping itself back and forth and the light going on and off. This scared me terribly and I went back to the bedroom, threw the covers over my head, and waited for my husband to get home. When I told him what had happened he said that he was not surprised by anything with the house anymore, and we could find no electrical or wiring problems, an we still were not sure what was going on. We never saw anyone other than the man at the foot of the bed, for which I am grateful, but we always felt like our cozy little house was home to more than me and my husband.  

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