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A Wiccan Formulary and HerbalA Wiccan Formulary and Herbal
By A. J. Drew
Publisher: New Page Books (December 2004)
Pages: 340 – Price: $19.99 review

A. J. Drew is one of the most literate and entertaining writers around, and this book is a topnotch creation from his gifted insights. Readers will enjoy it from start to finish.

This is about magick from the Green World. Among the items covered are herbal cures, home remedies, numerous recipes for oils, incense, and brews, utilizing the tools of the trade, and a complete formulary. There is also a complete herbal reference. The material given is factual, concise, and immediately useful. This is readily seen, as in the example: “Treat Asthma With Horseradish — A warm skim milk infusion of horseradish,” page 69.

There are nine chapters in the book. The section titled “Know Thy Self: Allergy and Food Sensitivities” and the Introduction are worth reading for their direct usefulness. The chapters include “Wicca and the Green World,” “Homegrown Magick,” “Herbal Remedies and Recipes,” “A Magickal Formulary,” “Plants and Their Lore,” among others.

This is a working herbal, one you can use with success. The writing is clear. The intent of the author is clear — sharing useful knowledge with others.

A contact site is given for those who wish to contact the author. It is
For those interested in useful herbal data that works, this is the book.

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