Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends


New Hampshire's Haunted Lake
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In Episode 54 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger row out on Scoby...
Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor: Ghosts, Séances, and Tales of True Hauntings - Author Interview
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Your book, Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor: Ghosts, Séances, and Tales of True Hauntings seems like a return to the old days of telling the...
Who’s Haunting the White House? audiobook
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Who’s Haunting the White House? is the first audiobook to explore the history of the President’s mansion through the ghostly legends that lurk the...
Warwick Castle
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Sage Paracon UK 2016 8-9th October. Venue: The Forest Hotel, Dorridge, West Midlands, UK. The weekend ticket is £70.00 per person
A Door Opens by Frank Grace
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Witness: Janelle Bveneaux Location: Southern Missouri Date of Encounter: August 25, 2008 We had a "troubled" child stop by to visit us one day with her mom...
Paiute Playground
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Witness: Eric Thurston Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Date of Encounter: February 20, 1994 The location of the sighting was Paiute Park, near 64th Street and Thomas...
Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Faith Lennard Location: Ohio Date of Encounter: April 25, 2015 Since I was a small child I have suffered from hearing and seeing things that...
Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Becca Wall Location: Farmington, Arkansas Date of Encounter: May 18, 2013 Please help! I always knew my family was somewhat supernatural, but I'm...
New England Legends Halloween 2014video
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It’s that time of year again, when ghosts and goblins walk the earth and the veil between our world... Newsvideo
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DeAnna Simpson, owner of a somewhat macabre house in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, says her house is most certainly haunted, and not by just...