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Witness: Becca Wall
Location: Farmington, Arkansas
Date of Encounter: May 18, 2013

Please help! I always knew my family was somewhat supernatural, but I’m afraid of my unusual abilities. We have had a child as young as 2 with imaginary friends, one saw Angels at age 4, one at age 4 played with her shadow and told us that her shadow would always ask her to go play in the woods behind our house. One at age 7 played with a girl all summer that nobody could see, and at age 20 she still remembers the girl. One at age 20 will not go anywhere near a graveyard because she swears that the dead want to talk to her. One at age 15 won’t go much of anywhere because she says she can feel what others can feel (if they’re angry, she’s angry).

In the last 2 years I have seen spirits in the house I’m living in, we hear someone walking around upstairs around 8pm every night (I’m glad its not just me hearing it), I have had dreams that I can’t explain. One time I woke up with the address of a graveyard in my head telling me to go there at 5 and open the gate. I’ wasn’t sure if I was to go at 5pm or 5am (I’m not going there at that time). Our house sets close to where the famous trail of tears was, and I’ve seen spirits walk with the Indians and learned many things about the trip. One night at 3am I got up and asked for paper and wrote in a language I don’t know. I was shocked to see it was my handwriting the next morning. I have also talked about my life as an Indian girl and I have also talked about my life as a lady with 4 children and how the entire family died the same day. (I have these talks while I’m asleep and don’t remember any of it in the morning.) I can’t see the future, I can’t move things with my mind, I can’t be in two places at once, but with all the different things I do what am I? I’m not Wiccan or a Witch and I don’t do voodoo, can I be some kind of Shaman or something? Please help me understand all of this.

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  1. think of positivity try to block all that stuff try not to think of it think of righteousnessask ask Jesus to bestow you with the power to fight evil if you believe he will

  2. Find a transmedium you’re comfortable with and have him or her work with you and your children on this. You’re all too vulnerable and need to have the tools to “shut the door” if you will. A reputable transmedium will give you those tools and help you. Select someone you feel very comfortable with as a person. In the meantime, surround yourself with what you imagine to be a protective, inpenetrable aura and if you’re aware enough to feel a spirit trying to make you do or say or feel something, you should refuse “entry”. Literally say ‘no, you are not welcome’. You and your kids clearly have a lot of power you need to harness and understand. Good luck and take care.

  3. Pray to God, pray for protection against whatever negative that gift could bring you.
    On the other hand however, you could help some unrested soul to go to the light with that gift you have. Who knows, it might be your calling.

    Whatever path you may decide to go to with that gift. Just be aware that God is your strength, with HIM no one can harm you. He is the one who gave it to you and your family after all.

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