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Witness: Faith Lennard
Location: Ohio
Date of Encounter: April 25, 2015

Since I was a small child I have suffered from hearing and seeing things that were not there. Usually in specific places, and since I have a therapist I was given a chance to explain my issue and soon was told that I had schizophrenia. However, that did not explain how I felt a sudden chill and dread in my stomach when I saw it. Schizophrenia is of the mind, if it isn’t there it shouldn’t be able to be felt, right? On any level.

So, one of the things I sometimes see looks like a familiar man with dry, flaky, frail skin that has veins spreading through his face as if he was decaying or had leprosy.

I went to my friend’s house one day after kayaking, and we were exhausted. My friend, Selena, had decided to take a nap and told me to wake her up in about thirty minutes. I wasn’t tired, so it was fine and was a normal day.

Selena had apparently opened her eyes a couple times during the nap when she was trying to sleep. When it was time to
wake her up and I did so, Salena mentioned that she had a dream and I was there in the room. She went on to explain that in her dream there was a short and strange man with dry, rotting skin who was staring at me and sitting next to me.

That’s when I got real confused, thinking it was a coincidence, but then I remembered that you can’t have a dream in a tiny nap.

I talked with my friend Emma and her mother about this because her mother has the same type of experiences. One thing lead to another and they started asking me about how long I’ve seen it and about my family.

In my family, there was an unfortunate accident before I was born where my big brothers and one of my big sisters had died that I’d rather not even type about. Emma thinks that my big brother has latched onto me, as well as a couple other ancestors.

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