Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends
Home News Entity Attacks Journalists on Camera

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DeAnna Simpson, owner of a somewhat macabre house in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, says her house is most certainly haunted, and not by just one, but multiple entities, both benevolent ghosts, and harmful demons.

“I have some (ghosts) here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman, demonic.”

Simpson is in possession of several creepy ghost photographs and has witnessed audio recordings of dogs barking, children laughing, and strange voices booming inside the sprawling house she calls her home.

A news crew from central Pennsylvania were supposed to interview her about these strange incidents for FOX43 when strange things began to happen. Their photojournalist Nick Petrillo felt his hand burning and saw a scratch on his wrist. Simpson massaged Holy water on him, and told him that this has happened before.

The video you’ll be seeing is rather interesting. Simpson goes on to claim that her house is infested by 7-foot-tall shadow person, and takes you through a tour of the entire house. You can also see the burn on Nick’s finger, and hear the journalists’ ordeal of what happened once they entered the house.

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