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A Door Opens by Frank Grace
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Witness: Janelle Bveneaux
Location: Southern Missouri
Date of Encounter: August 25, 2008

We had a “troubled” child stop by to visit us one day with her mom (they’d been by a handful of times). My kids didn’t like her, and said something was wrong with her, but I said, “Just be nice to her.” The mother and daughter had left, and within a few hours the small Terrier dog in our house stood in the kitchen doorway and began to growl. The whole house was lit up with lights. The dog watched through the kitchen and dining room all the way back to the laundry room. Then he’d shift his head around (like his eyes were following something in the air through the kitchen). Then he started growling louder and faster like he was nervous, staring above the kitchen island in front of him. As my son and I watched him, I motioned not to stop the dog.

The dog could clearly see something we could not. He never moved but kept watching something moving around in the air growling. Then he went crazy barking and staring at something up in the air right up in front of his face, erratically barking and growling like a dog acts when scared and cornered. Right then my husband came in the front door, and the dog looked around at him and stopped.

A few nights later in the living room we were watching TV. The dog started growling at a high dark shelf way up in a corner. I looked up there and told him to stop, but within a few minutes he was looking up there again and still growling. That girl had something with her, and it tried to stay here. She tried to come back, but my kids told her no and she left them alone after that.

I blessed our home with holy water as I was told to do, and the dog didn’t act like that anymore. Also, a friend of mine whose husband is a preacher, had a small house dog do this when her daughter’s troublemaker crazy boyfriend would leave.

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