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Witness: Ariana
Location: New York, New York
Date of Encounter: 2000

I was about nine or 10 years old, and I was sleeping. I had gone off to sleep very scared that night because, as usual, I was seeing and hearing things that I could not explain and as a younger child, I was unaware that what I was experiencing was paranormal. All I knew was that I was scared out of my wits by things no one else could see. My parents at the time were fighting like crazy, yelling and screaming at each other constantly. That night they had gotten in a particularly bad fight and being an extremely independent child, and being brought up very Christian, I relied on a painting of the Virgin Mary pictured as a child — to talk and pray to. She appeared to be talking back to me, although I could not decipher what she was saying. I said one more prayer before falling off to an uneasy sleep that night. At around 4:00 AM, I awoke to a start because something or someone had slapped me in the face. I became extremely frightened and walked over to my bathroom mirror and discovered that I was unfortunately not dreaming, and that in fact I was hit. There was a red mark on the side of my face that looked somewhat like a hand. I turned on my lights and began praying once more, which offered me comfort and relief. The red mark on my face disappeared and I was at last in peace. I looked over at my Mary painting and saw her smiling at me. I now figure that she was trying to warn me of what was going to happen when I was talking to her before. I now believe that she is watching over me and guarding me from mischievous ghosts or demons. That was one scary night for me, and I don't think I will ever forget the scary silence that was surrounding me.

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