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Apparition Caught on Camera in St. Leo Cemetery, Leominster, Massachusetts.
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Name: Archie Dutrizac
Location: Leominster, Massachusetts
Date: June 23, 2023

Me and my wife went for our daily walk with our pug and we always cross though St. Leo cemetery in Leominster. I have caught orbs in pics throughout time in this place, but this day something wanted to be noticed! As we walked down a particular road, the pug started growling and giving a little woof. At first, I wasn’t paying attention, but then he started to get rowdy then full barking. I looked around to see if someone was planting flowers or watering them, because a lot of people do that, but today no one was in sight. We walked though a crossroads and the pug stopped barking by the time we go to a certain tree. I was also talking to the dog to say, “What the hell you barking at?” Then all of a sudden these wind-chimes near a stone were liked slapped! No wind was blowing that day! Plus, the way it was hit I knew something was there! I went to the cemetery the next night and this is what I caught on my 4k camera:

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