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Virgin Mary

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Witness: Annette Location: Hollsopple, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: 1989 My husband was out of town working contruction while my son was still very...
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Witness: James Sobik Location: Lourdes, France Date of Encounter: February 1, 2005 Click on pictures for larger view in pop-up windows.
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Witness: Nicole Location: North Baker, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: December 19, 2004 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Josie Salerno and Jaime Mihalski Location: Lyons, Illinois Date of Encounter: 2002 I went to a catholic school for about eight...
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Witness: Ariana Location: New York, New York Date of Encounter: 2000 I was about nine or 10 years old, and I was sleeping....
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John Stone's Inn was originally built in 1832 and today is well...