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Witness: Frank
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: 1977 – 1979

We lived in this big house in Scott Township, on Swallow Hill Road — we were only the second owners of this house. The original owner was laid out in the living room when he died. There was a graveyard right behind our house, about 50 yards away. If you walked out the back door in a straight line you would have walked directly on my sister's grave. This house was extremely haunted.

Things happened constantly — in the day and night. Everyone was scared to stay in the house by themselves, including my stepfather who was a police officer. Friends had things happen to them while they where there and would no longer step on the property. I would have to meet them in front of my house, off the property. This house had hardwood floors and a very big kitchen, basement, two big fireplaces, and heated floors. At night, we would have all of the chairs pushed in at the kitchen table, then during the night — almost nightly — you could hear the chairs move and slide around the kitchen floor. Dishes would move around also — from one counter to the next. If you started down the steps it would stop. You would push all the chairs in, walk upstairs, and it would start all over again.

When I would go to sleep sometimes I would feel a very hard tap on my shoulder — like a finger. If I didn't look, it would just keep tapping my shoulder until I looked. When I looked, no one would be there — then it would stop — as long as I looked. On other occasions I had my blankets ripped off of me and laid out completely flat on the floor — I had this happen many times. When I laid my head on my pillow I would sometimes hear voices that hurt my ear drum — like someone was flicking it. I couldn't understand the voices — I would have to throw my pillow on the floor and not use it at night when this would happen. I also had my bed shake during the day time, and only when my brother was present. Stuff would happen daily to everyone who lived there and people who visited. This was the most haunted house I have ever lived in — and I don't ever want to again. I was scared everyday, like I said, it didn't matter if it was night or day, it was constant. There is more I could tell you, but I would have to write a book — so I'll leave you with what I feel will give you an understanding of the word 'haunted.'

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