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Home Encounters The Haunted Cemetery and Susquehanna River

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Name: Matt Basos
Location: Owego, New York
Date: Summer of 2022

It was summer of 22′ and I had two different experiences in two days. The first, me and a new friend were hanging out down by the Susquehanna River (on water’s edge) when my friend started to find little trinkets, like a Native American-type and he was showing me how to spot things like that and wood things. I started to feel like we weren’t alone. Oh boy, my feelings were right, and my friend pointed to the apparitions of the Native American children standing across on the other side of the river, just standing, not moving or anything. It was a hell of an experience to witness something like that, and knowing that Indians used to live right here! I felt they were just making sure we weren’t disrespectful to their old inhabitance.

My next experience happened the very next day at a local cemetery. I am no stranger to this cemetery in particular, I go here often. Although this was my first time cemetery encounter. It was getting dark, but it was still a little light out. I was trying to locate my grandparents’ graves, and I was getting pissed I couldn’t find them (I know they’re buried in this cemetery for certainty). Long story short, after bout two hours, no such luck! Crap. I never did find them (I feel like something or someone ethereal was messing with me). For whatever reason, I was not going to be visiting Grandma and Pappy this day. After this crazy confusion and disbelief I can tell you with certainty that every part of me just wanted to leave and forget this awful trip, but just the opposite happened. I was stuck. Literally nothing I tried to do would get me out of there. I was just being pulled into it like a vacuum. That’s the best way I can really explain this. I wanted to leave and that wasn’t happening. It was really strange, I never had an experience like this before, and I’ve had a few weird things happen to me–more than a few, actually, but things got weirder as this time vortex was sucking me into this hole. It started to get creepy. Let’s say that, and it takes a hell of a lot to creep me out. I then saw some apparitions about 20 yards away. It was an older couple just standing and staring in my direction. That in itself wasn’t just startling, it didn’t bother me. It was the next ghost of a woman (right against her grave, crying, and it made me sad because I think her son was also buried at the same spot–he died young). I wasn’t trying to stare because this felt awkward. I was sitting on the bench that went with these two graves I noticed I felt like I was an intruder. I got that feeling because this woman was crying over her son and I’m noticing. I’m sitting on their spot. It took me a good few seconds taking in all this weirdness to hop up and get off their seat. I couldn’t help staring when you get to witness something so paranormal. I just stood there until I pulled myself away. I just wanted to get the hell out of there, and now it was almost dark! Crap! I don’t want to be in a cemetery after dark.

I felt this experience really opened me up to things and feelings I’ve never felt before. After having a near panic attack sometimes shortly after, I got my ass outta there! I remember it was dark–really dark–when I was kicked out of that vortex, and my experience ended pretty much right then and there.

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