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October 29, 2013

Spirit Attachment at the Palmer House Hotel

Jon Patzman -- Sauk Centre, Minnesota -- June 2013

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It was a dark Saturday night at the Palmer House. We were starting are investigation in the hotel lobby. One group was in the basement, we were in the lobby, and a group was on the second and third floors.

I started with sticking new batteries in my recorders and cameras. I checked them to see if they all were working fine, then started out. Not much was happening in the lobby, so I just sat down to talk with some people. Then it was our turn in the hotel’s rooms. That is when the fun started for me. I wanted to go off by myself, so I watched everyone run for the big rooms. I thought, Good… Room 3, no one wanted that one. Room 3 is two rooms in one, so I started in room 3 first. After 20 minutes of nothing happening, I moved into room 2. Almost right away my EMF meter was going off, and it started to feel a little cold around me. Ten minutes in, I sensed something moving from the bed to sit in the chair next to me. Crap, did I just see that?! So I grab my camera to take some pictures and the cameras batteries are dead. I grabbed my phone to use some apps to take pictures and after taking about 10 pictures with each app, I go into my photos to look at them… What the?! No pictures are there.

Side note: I had to delete and reinstall the apps then they worked fine.

In Room 5 I saw a white mist in between the two rooms. I started to feel strange after that, so I left the room and sat in the hallway outside the room. Then it was off to the basement. I lasted 10 minutes down there because I was getting light headed. Then going up the stairs I was just going up to the lobby to rest. Next thing I know I was outside walking by my car, so I just got in and went back to my hotel. Sunday morning I still felt weird, but it was time to go home. Ten minutes into my drive, I started to feel sick and almost had to pull over to get sick. Then I saw a gas station ahead. I just got there and got sick. After 20 minutes I slowly made my home. End of story!

I was sick for a few days. That weekend I went to a psychic fair and had three different psychics ask me if I was feeling good. I told them I was, but was sick early in the week. They all said that something was attached to me. After doing some things to get rid of it, I felt great again.

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