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Witness: Nicole
Location: North Baker, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: December 19, 2004

Click on picture for larger view.
Ghost picture - Virgin Mary, Jesus, North Baker, Pennsylvania.

I was switching homeowner's insurance carriers and they required me to submit a photo of my house. When I viewed it on my computer before printing, I noticed something on the living room window. When I zoomed in, I was shocked to see this image. It was taken with a Sony cybershot DSC-P10 digital camera.

This is not a doctored-up picture. To give you a little background of myself, I was born and raised Roman Catholic, and would currently classify myself as a "lapsed Catholic," or "non-practicing Catholic" due to personal differences in political views of the Catholic Church. I have always been a very spiritual and sensitive person, thus also a reason for being a non-practicing Catholic. I feel I am more open-minded about the spiritual world than the Catholic Church wants its followers to be. I do pray, including to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and often ask for and receive signs during difficult times.

If you look at the double window to the left of the front door, in the right window is an image. You must click on zoom about 12 x to see the image of Mary holding Jesus. Also, after staring at this for a while, I see a faint male image in the left window with a beard looking at them. Please tell me what you think.

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