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Medicine of Light: A Shaman's Journey Through Mystic Space-Time by Amarananda BhairavanMedicine of Light: A Shaman’s Journey Through Mystic Space-Time
By Amarananda Bhairavan
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays (November 2006)
Pages: 244 Price: $18.95 review

As a goddess study in Hinduism, this is a remarkable book. It is well-researched, educational, entertaining, and holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

This book is about the Hindu goddess, Kali. It gives an in-depth look at Kali. Essentially, it is journey into the ancient culture of Goddess worship, and details the shamanic initiation into the sacred world of Kali.

The author shares his emotional spiritual journey through space and time in clear, lucid prose that is attentive to detail and the situations which unfold. The teachings by Kali of the Sri Yantra, known as the sacred circle of creation, will fascinate the reader. There is much information about karma, incarnation, the cosmology of consequences, and the subtle body.

This is a book which contains authentic information about the Tantric spiritual tradition. Among the thirteen chapters are found such topics as “Lessons of Power,” “Power of Herbs,” “Ritual of Bagala,” and “Goddess of the Dream Mind.”

This book is highly recommended reading for those interested in Kali and the Tantric spiritual tradition. A good reference book for the home library, a good gift for a friend, and most certainly a good book to have in your local public library. This fine book will have you thinking about karma and incarnations, and their consequence for a very long time.

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