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Witness: Jodi Revell
Location: Leesburg, Georgia
Date of Encounter: October 1980

In the little town of Leesburg, Georgia, on Main Street (of course), there was a row of homes built anywhere from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s. There was one house in particular that stood out because of the beauty from the outside and the eerie feeling you got when you even looked at it while riding by.

I remember when I was about 4 years old, the owners of the house set it up as a haunted house and had a party for Halloween. There was a story time for kids but mostly you just walked through the house. I had a feeling come over me that night that horribly scared me. My parents were there and did not know what was actually wrong. I remember feeling like I was freezing cold all of a sudden and that don't happen in South Georgia over Halloween. I also remember the hair on my arms and the back of my neck standing up. My parents took me home that night and I never mentioned anything to anyone about that night.

About 10 years later, I was talking with some of my friends about scary experiences and I mentioned the house on Main Street. Before I could say anything, one of my friends jumped in with a story about how she felt when she went in with her parents to visit the owners. She said she felt like there were kids in there and kept asking where they were at. The homeowner had no children so she didn't know why my friend would ask that. She told the homeowner she kept hearing kids laughing and they brushed it off as maybe it was kids outside or something. That December, the homeowners had just put up their Christmas decorations when they decided to take a bike ride. When they came home, they found the house was engulfed in flames. They lost everything in the house and the fire department never found out how the fire had actually started.

The house was torn completely down a few months later and the lot was put up on the market for sale.

Not too long after that I went to a lady's house who had just retired as the principal of the elementary school. I loved going over there and listening to her stories. She was always on a communication level with any child. We started talking about the house that had just burnt down and she wanted to tell me a story. I froze in my tracks and sat down quietly. She started telling me about how she used to love to go over there to that house and play with the kids in there; they were all about the same age. She said that the little girl was actually one of her very best friends and went on to describe how each child looked. Then sadness came over her face. She went on to tell me that one night around midnight in the winter, the father had come home and had suspicions about his wife and his brother. The couple had fought violently that night and the children locked themselves in their room. When the fighting stopped, the kids snuck out of the house and ran to the neighbors where she told them what was going on. The father came over and got them later on and said the kids were making everything up and they went on home. Later on that night, the father had locked the children in the hall closet and left them there with no food or water. The kids died a few days later from being malnourished but the house was never the same. It sat empty for several years. When the new owners moved into the house, the babysitter who was watching the kids said an awful smell was coming from the hall closet. She opened the door to the closet and heard the crying of young kids. A few months later, she stopped babysitting for the family because of the sadness she felt while in the house. She knew what had happened but the feeling that came over her was way too much to handle.

In 1995, the judge of our county decided he wanted the property to build a house on. In the middle of building the new house, his current house had burnt completely to the ground — destroying everything. A few days later, the judge being a granddad himself, chuckled and said, "That boy ALWAYS liked to burn things". I asked him what he meant and he said, "The boy that lived here years ago that died. He was always wanting to burn something — now I see he was playing around in my house and got carried away." The fire department never found what caused that fire either. He later moved into the new house with his wife and they heard children playing and children crying all the time.

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