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Witness: Ed
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date of Encounter: May 2000 – May 2001

Back in college me and two friends moved into an apartment complex called the Hills in the Village. These apartments are some of the older ones and we got a very good deal on rent and moved into a three-bedroom apartment. Almost immediately, we all began experiencing strange events and they got progressively worse.

Things started out when I was alone in the apartment and heard a door shut from within the apartment. At first we didn't speak about it, but one day one of my roommates came to me and asked me if I had heard anything weird in the apartment. I told him about hearing the doors shutting and he said he heard the same thing. Another odd thing about the place was that master bedroom was always cold. We even left the air conditioner off to see if it would warm up in that room one day. If you know Texas summers, you know that it gets damn hot. Well the room remained cold, in fact cold enough to where you could go outside the apartment and touch the window and feel the cold.

As the months went by more things began to happen. The first major weird thing was that a brand new gallon of milk in the fridge froze solid as a block of ice. There were other liquids in the fridge such as koolaid, sodas, beer, but nothing else froze. We took a picture of it and it came out all misty. The next thing was that my roommate in the master bedroom told us that in the middle of the night his bed began to shake. I doubted him until it happened to me and eventually to my other roommate. The bed wouldn't shake hard, just slightly and enough to wake you up. When it happened to me the first time, I put my hand on the wall to see if I was imagining things and I wasn't, the bed was moving.

Other small events occurred such as doors closing right in front of our eyes, things being knocked off counters, cold air spots when it was summer, static electricity focused in one spot and moving around. However, these were commonplace and didn't really bother us much as we thought it was actually pretty cool and didn't feel like these were violent spirits, so we just got used to it. A few major events happened though that I will never forget. The first was that my roommate in the master bedroom actually saw a little girl at the end of his bed one morning staring at him. He thought he had to be asleep at first, but when he realized he was awake he freaked out and then the little girl disappeared. Just days before that he had been shaken awake by something tugging on his shoulder. The next one was witnessed by multiple people on separate occasions. This happened four times that I personally was there to witness. The first time I was by myself and my roommate's door (master bedroom again) which was closed, began to shake back and forth rapidly as if someone was trying to get out. At first I thought maybe the air conditioner had created a vacuum and was causing this, so I opened the door and a rush of cold air came out. This happened again about a week later, but this time I had a friend over to witness it with me. We watched the door shake and waited to see what would happen, while at the same time, trying to figure out if there was something natural going on that could cause this. The air conditioner was off at this time and nothing else could've been causing this. It stopped after about a minute or so and we opened the door and a rush of cold air came out again. It happened the next weekend, this time with my roommate's brother in the house to witness the event.

He tried to open the door and the door swung open again this time with that same rush of cold air. The last time it happened was with my roommate himself there. I was at my computer when I heard the door starting to move. My roommate was watching TV in the living room so I immediately went and got him to come and see what was happening. He stood there in shock because he didn't believe us when we told him about the three prior incidents. He was very scared and didn't want to open the door and he immediately started looking for a natural explanation, but could not come up with one. It stopped again after a minute and same thing, we opened the door and that same cold rush of air came out. After this last incident, this particular activity stopped.

The next major event we thought was a practical joke at first. It was on a Saturday morning and I woke up early to go to a football game. I just got dressed, went to the kitchen, got a drink and left. Everything was normal when I left. About 30 minutes after I left, my roommate woke up and went to the kitchen. When he got there, all the drawers were pulled out to the same length and all of the cabinet doors were open, kind of like that kitchen scene from the movie The Sixth Sense. My roommate called me on my cell and asked me why I did that and my response was of course that I didn't do it and that everything was normal when I left. My roommate is not the type to lie about this sort of thing and we still to this day wonder if the other person did it as a joke, but after all this time he has not confessed and I'm sure didn't do it.

One major event that happened to me personally was when I had a nightmare. I never, never have nightmares as I am really not easy to scare. There was really no reason to have one this night and it was very strange and very real. The dream was a normal dream, my friend was there, we were hanging out, etc… then I heard a child laugh. All of a sudden it was like my dream was interrupted by something invading my mind. I saw a little boy appear briefly in front of my face and then I heard the scream of a little girl and saw her in the middle of a bed in the master bedroom screaming her head off. I woke up in a cold sweat and screaming myself. My roommates came in and I told them about the dream. Funny thing is, my roommate in the master bedroom who had seen the little girl never described her to us in detail because he didn't want to talk about the event too much. I began to describe her and he turned white and said that is the same girl that he saw. Now this was freaky because I not only described her hair, eyes, face, etc., but also what she was wearing, the colors, etc. and they all match what my roommate saw.

The last major event was when my roommate in the master bedroom got a girlfriend and brought her over one night. We had not told her about the ghosts and she went into the master bedroom. When she got in there, she immediately got a feeling of extreme sadness and felt like she was under immense pressure. She began to cry and said that something terrible happened here. She had to leave the apartment and as soon as she left the feeling left her. After that she did not want to go back into his bedroom. After these major events, things began to slow down and occurrences happened less and less frequently. But we still had things like things moving, doors closing, etc. We were famous among our friends for living in the haunted apartment. Just about all of our friends experienced something as well, so it was not just us. When it came time to move out, we asked management if they knew of anything bad that happened in that apartment, but they just said no and we never bothered to look into it. All in all, it was an experience I will never forget living with ghosts and I still sometimes am curious if anyone else living there since us have experienced the same things.

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