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Witness: Keith Deschene
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: June 14, 1994

I find my story to be strange because it happened the night before I moved with my parents to where I live today (Litchfield, New Hampshire). The house was all but empty that night because the next morning we were moving in bright-and-early. I awoke for some reason in the middle of the night in a cold sweat — and I was unable to sleep. Maybe I was too excited about moving into a brand new house.

After looking up at the ceiling for a couple minutes I noticed that there was an awkward silence. Usually I could hear my brother snoring from his bunk under mine — and the streets were always busy at night. I soon became uncomfortable — something wasn't right. I turned my head to look out the window when I noticed a shadow-like figure of a woman at the edge of my bed. " Mom?" I called out quietly trying not to wake anyone. The woman did not respond. I became frightened. If that was my mother she would have answered. Thinking she might not have heard me I reached out my hand to touch her face. Right as I was about to touch her the woman looked up at me and starred into my eyes. I soon became overwhelmed with sadness. I reached out my hand again and when I was about to touch her face she vanished. Why I didn't scream or become frightened, I don't know. I didn't feel like I was going to be harmed. It felt more like the woman was sad about something.

Throughout the years in that house my family and I had no previous experiences with the supernatural except that one. Some say my imagination was just running wild, but I like to think it was a spirit saying goodbye.

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