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Witness: (name withheld upon request)
Location: Central Illinois
Date of Encounter: October 2002 – present

This isn't just one encounter — it has happened several times to us over the past few months. Some friends of mine heard about a haunted house close to where we all live. They went out there one night with a video camera — equipped with night vision and infrared — to see if they could get any paranormal action on the video tape. While they were out there taping they saw and heard nothing strange. But on the tape there are several things that can't be explained. In one part there is a perfect outline of a little boy holding a ball by a tree. They filmed this for approximately 10-15 minutes. You can clearly see the little boy run through the fence and chase after the vehicle. Ever since then, we all have had very odd things happen to us. And we have gone back to the house several times since.

Three of us were going out one night to Springfield to see a movie and have dinner. On the way home, the amplifier in the truck quit working. We figured we knocked something loose hitting a bump or something — boy, were we wrong. We stopped the truck to look and we saw that two of the wires on the amplifier had melted together. Being melted plastic, you would smell it while it was burning, but we never even noticed. We got the amplifier fixed and kept on driving. Shortly after that, it quit working again. We stopped and looked, and the wires had come unplugged from the main part. The only problem is that they screw into the main part!

Another thing that has happened is we will be driving down the road and the radio station changes on us. Or the CD's we are listening to will skip certain songs… but it's always on the same songs. We have also heard noises like stuff falling off of shelves, but when we look — nothing has fallen. We have heard people knocking on walls when we are the only ones home, and other things like that.

The worse thing is that one of the people who were at the haunted house that first night is always having a certain problem — the hat that he wore out there is always getting knocked off his head. With no one or thing touching it. It happened to him the night they went to the house, and has continued since then. If he wears a different hat, nothing happens.

This is still happening and we still go to the haunted house a lot. Currently, we are looking for other places around the area to go film. We get a lot of excitement and skepticism for doing this, but now we always feel as if we have friends with us. Even when we are alone.

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