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This Way Out by Frank Grace
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Name: Jeremy B.
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Date: June 2014 – June 2018

I moved into a two-story two-bedroom townhouse in June 2014 in Dayton, Ohio, which was located behind a funeral home. Even when I first moved in something seemed to be off about this place. When I first moved in, I was in the main bedroom putting things away and I could feel someone watching me from the guest bedroom even though no one was there. I shrugged it off and didn’t think much about it until several months later when I took a video of my three diva cats, and upon playing the video back, heard a man and a woman’s voice on the video even though I was the only one home. I began to get many EVPs, most Class A, whenever I would record a video of my house. Just some of the many EVPs I recorded were voices saying “come out,” “God help me,” “Mason,” “Is Blanche ok?” (referring to one of my cats) “Hey there Dixie,” (referring to another one of my cats), among many others. From there, strange occurrences seemed to pick up more and more. I had several pictures taken of a friend holding up a poster where you can see the image of both an older man on one, and a child on the other. When I got out of the shower one night there were handprints on the mirror (which were not mine, and I was the only one home) as well as an image of a woman holding her hand over her mouth). I also began to see many orbs going up and down the stairs and into the spare room as well as the closet downstairs. I had a roommate who was living there for about three out of the four years who did not really believe in the paranormal and would try to rationalize everything when I would ask if they experienced anything (we mainly worked different shifts).

When going to bed one night I heard a woman’s voice whisper in my ear, “Goodnight,” even though I was the only one there. It was a peaceful whisper, but still, it freaked me out. Also, several times when I was by myself watching TV I would hear someone sigh as if they were right next to me. Also, when taking a picture of the inside of the townhouse, it looks like what is either a short, older man, or a little child sitting on the stairs. My roommate moved out after about the third year of this happening, and soon after I had a friend of a friend who was a medium who came to check things out. They said they felt the most activity on the stairs and that it was a man and a woman’s spirits. After they left the activity seemed to take a turn for the worse. Several times while watching TV downstairs, I heard footsteps on the stairs. Normally I would have dismissed this, but my three cats were with me on the couch and they all heard it too because they were staring at the stairs. Before I had never felt really scared with all this going on. Maybe a little nervous, but now I was starting to get a little freaked.

The turning point happened one night when I had footsteps follow me from the kitchen to the living room and to the stairs. I had just gotten out of the shower and had gone downstairs and I heard what sounded like something dragging behind me. I thought maybe I had a sock or a piece of clothing caught on my pajamas but there was nothing there. And then every step I took I could hear something behind me take two steps after I would stop as if it were mocking me and following me. My cat, Dixie was standing right beside me and she looked behind me and arched her back so she saw whatever it was. The footsteps followed me from the kitchen to the living room to the stairs. I acted like I was not scared (even though I was) and ran upstairs to get my phone to record what was happening. I came back down the stairs and heard a commotion in the kitchen which sounded like the blinds moving even though they were not. It seemed whatever had made its presence known had now left. During these past four years I had not been scared, maybe a little nervous, but this time this did freak me out. That was it for me. I made plans to find a new place ASAP. The next week when I was in the kitchen I hear the man’s voice (even though no one was there but me). It sounded like he was right beside me. I couldn’t make out what he said, but enough was enough. I luckily found a house for rent a month or so later and moved out. Before I did, I told whatever was there to not follow me and to stay there. I have since then moved into a house built in the 1920 and thankfully for the most part so far so good there.

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