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Name: Usagi Vang
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Date: 2017

My encounter begins with this recurring dream that I’ve had for years. I know it to be a recurring dream because the way it starts and ends is always the same…

The dream begins with me, it’s modern day, I am now just learning how to fully control my gifts and abilities of communicating with other worldly entities; Entities we know as ghosts and or spirits, even some known as demons. I’ve just recently finished with a purification for a mutual friend’s family who’s been experiencing some poltergeist activities inside of their home. The dream skips to a midday afternoon. I receive this feeling in my gut, as if a blade has been driven into my stomach area, the blade twists and turns, and then suddenly I’m spewing out blood. A voice within me call out to me, “You must go. NOW!”

Another time skip, I’m preparing some relics, instruments, black salt, silver daggers, and an outfit to fight this entity that has been calling out to me. There’s this constant premonition of a family in trouble. A girl, her younger sister… All alone, but right as I’m about to face off against this entity, I wake up, covered in cold sweat, my head throbbing, my arms trembling, and I’m out of breath.

Now for the encounter. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to see a physical form of a ghost/spirit/entity, but for some reason I’m still able to sense and determine if an entity is harmless or wishes to do harm to someone. There’s this presence around me, aside from my poor health these days, there’s always this presence that wishes to tell me that it needs my help, but for some reason, the connection is somewhat lost… I’m not sure how to approach any of this, so I am reaching out to all of the Mediums out there. I currently reside in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Please reach out to me once you receive this message.

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  1. HI, why are you looking at it like you lost an ability. You gained an ability. Maybe seeing them wasn’t the ability you needed to be able to help. Much like people who have lost thier sight and the other abilities get stronger, thats what I feel is happening to you. Trust what you feel and honor that. Dont focus so much on not being able to see. Just trust in what you feel.

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