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Sarah Estep, American pioneer of the EVP research movement, and founder of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena passed away on January 3rd 2008. In recognition for Estep’s contributions to the field, HVRN Corporation has created a new Web site in her honor. The Web site,, will feature some of her life’s work in the research field in an effort to promote and further the study of EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. Sarah is said to have a library of over 20,000 documented EVP samples and did not stop recording until her age and health prevented her from doing so. This new Web site honors her legacy as well as the research itself. All monies generated by the new site will go directly to the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, or AAEVP, an organization first started by Sarah Estep in 1982.

About HVRN Corporation
HVRN Corporation is a 501(c)3 not for profit educational organization dedicated to the science and research of paranormal phenomena. In addition to hosting a 24/7 streaming Internet radio broadcast, the corporation maintains, a site focusing on the study of EVP. Visit and for more information.

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