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A chapter from the book Stepping Stones

By Rick Hayes

“What evil the darkness brings”— a line from a movie that often is a question brought to my attention.

In a recent radio interview I was asked if I have ever encountered “evil spirits” and if I’ve ever been harmed by such. The answer to the question was interpreted with sincerity and fact on a personal point of view.

As a teenager in a small town, driving to a larger city and seeing a movie was a part of our routine. One Friday evening several of my friends and I decided to go see a movie that everyone was talking about. We were told that the end of the movie will bring chills, screams, and nightmares. The movie’s subject was based on an evil spirit that brought harm and death to those that it encountered. We decided that we were man enough to see the movie, even joking that only wimps would scream.

I will never forget that evening. The four “men” setting in their theatre seats were frightened to the point of actually almost hugging each other. We jumped, screamed, and forgot that we were the men that we thought we were. On the drive back to our small town, we shared our thoughts in shaky voice tones. The darkness along the eerie road illuminated only by the headlights, and the shadow of the trees became spirits of evil within our minds.

Arriving at one of the parents’ homes, we spent the rest of the night wide awake together in the living room. Somehow, the movie had brought harm to these four teenage men. By creating a thought of evil through the sights and sounds of the cinema, we were too frightened to return to our normal routine. The spirit of evil thought had truly succeeded.

The definition of evil is: an arising from bad character or conduct. To cause discomfort or repulsion. Something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity. The earthly character may be experienced in one’s earthly plan based on choice, or one could even possess this character within based on choice. The point is that evil is a character that is of the earth’s plan. I feel that when one moves on, the character that is formed in earth’s plan remains in earth’s plan. This character is not a part of our creator’s plan and therefore is not carried over.

So what about the strange and frightening instances that has been validated as evil and harm? Again I am not one to state for a fact that evil spirits may possibly be acknowledged, but I feel our thoughts assist in these acknowledgements. As in the experience of the four young men, their thoughts created additional discomfort, distress, and calamity. Could the evil spirit be attempting to bring you physical harm, or simply trying to get your attention to relay a message? In my book You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost, I share my personal thoughts that by validating through listening, we often find that the shadows of the trees that become spirits of evil are expanded through our earthly thoughts.

By learning to listen, we soon find that it is once again a spirit of guidance and the character of evil is left where it was created; on earth.

Stepping Stone – The spirit of evil is created on earth – and remains on earth

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