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Witness: Rachel
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Encounter: March 2005

As the former capital of the south, Richmond, Virginia is a beautiful and historic city. There are many civil war monuments and historic buildings, some of which have been turned into apartment buildings. My boyfriend moved into one about two years ago. Even before this encounter, I felt a presence in his apartment since the day he moved in. Well, a couple months into his lease we were in his bedroom lying on the bed around 11 PM. The only light on in the room was a fairly bright nightlight. Because of the light, the room wasn't totally dark, and we could see around the room easily. We had just been talking and then we heard an angry woman's voice from the corner of his room saying, "Tsk, tsk, tsk," as if we did something wrong! I looked and there was nothing there and the voice was clear as day. We were both so scared, we just froze holding each other for a couple more minutes waiting for something else to happen. Nothing ever did…that night.

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