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Witness: Donna
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: 1995

As long as I can remember my uncle has gone on about my grandma's house being haunted. I used to stay there all of the time during school holidays and I would always sleep in the same bedroom. However my Gran's house had 4 bedrooms and one of those bedrooms was down a couple of stairs. From outside the house it looked like it belonged to next door. So one night I decided to sleep in there for a change. My Grandad tucked me in, and I settled down into bed. The room went icy cold, and I felt hands pushing my bed from side to side. I ran from the room.

My uncle also saw the ghost of the old woman who died next door in this room and paranormal activities have bee experienced in every room in the house. To this day the room remains freezing cold and smells musty and damp.

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