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Witness: Stefanie
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Encounter: July, 1996 (Email withheld upon request)

This is how my story goes. My friend Sammy decided to have a sleep over before we went back to school. Sammy lived in her house with her little sister who was four years old, and her mother and father.

At the sleep over was Sammy, myself, and three other gals and we decided to play on the Ouija board – all of us decided to play even though none of us believed it worked.

Everything was going okay — we thought someone was just moving the oracle spelling out answers to our questions. Then we asked the spirit if it could tell us a little about Sammy who was originally from Massachusetts. The spirit said that she was Sammy's great, great, great aunt and that she had been burned during the witch trials. This totally freaked Sammy out and she started crying uncontrollably and her father came running down the stairs and into the living room where we were.

The way the house is setup is such that there is only one way in and out of the room we were in. So when we finally calmed her down her father told us we'd better stop making so much noise because Sammy's little sister was sleeping. At that point two of the people at the sleep over stopped playing with the Ouija board. The rest of us began talking with another spirit and when we asked the name of the spirit we were talking to it said it was the devil. This totally freaked us out, but we continued to play. Finally I asked the board to give us a sign that we were really dealing with something here.

At that same moment the bar light flickered off and we all screamed again. One of us got the courage up to turn on the kitchen light. We then asked the spirit if this was our sign and it said, "Yes, the light will come back on at dawn." After this the five of us decided to cuddle up against the couch facing the bar and wait for dawn.

As soon as the sun came up the light flickered back on. The spirit also said that we should stop playing the game or we would burn in hell. I have not even thought about playing with a Ouija board since this happened.

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