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Witness: (Name withheld upon request)
Location: Pico Rivera, California
Date of Encounter: Since 2000

This current encounter has been happening to my 17 year old son. He has three ghosts that have been bothering him for at least three years. They talk every night and mumble so you cannot understand what they are saying. They do not allow him to sleep — he sleeps with music on with headphones so he cannot hear them. His friends have stayed over and have seen the ghosts throw things around the room. They appear to be two little girls (one about three years old and the other about six) with an older man that appears to be their grandfather — he walks hunched over. They look like American Indians and we live very close, coincidentally, to a Hacienda (a California landmark). One of my son's friends saw the ghosts very clearly, and they look like they have severe head wounds and died very violent deaths. They turn on and off the lights, turn off TVs, pull out night lights, etc. When my son and his friends stay over for the night the spirits have played religious music and then they began to scream and yell even louder — it is quite scary for my son and his friends. I have touched his wall from my bathroom when these encounters happen and it seems to vibrate with life.

We have tried to bring a Catholic priest, but it only stops for a few days and then it starts up all over again. My son has no peace and quiet in his room at night and we would like to contact a Gabrielino Indian who could come to the house to help us find peace for this Indian family. The ghosts have not harmed us in any way but the noise is really bothersome for my son. If anyone has suggestions in how to get rid of these ghosts please contact me at the email address above.

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