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Witness: Terry
Location: Warwick, Rhode Island
Date of Encounter: 2004 to present

I moved into my new home two years ago. This house is relatively new considering it's in New England. It was built in 1930. The house is small — just one bedroom, kitchen, bath on first floor, and a small alcove room with walk-in closet/room on the second floor. This closet, or "The Red Room" as we call it, is where the the encounters began.

This room/closet came complete with peeling red wallpaper and a small wooden chair placed behind a portion of an unused chimney facing the wall. Also included in this room are many hieroglyphics written in crayon by children who apparently spent some time in there. No, this isn't a plot from some bad B-movie, that was truly how we found it when we moved in.

The room lies directly above my bedroom which is why myself and my two dogs noticed pretty quickly that we were not alone in the house. About a week after moving in, we all began hearing the footsteps which have now become quite commonplace in our lives. At first I assumed that an animal must have gotten in but upon further investigation and observation, I have become convinced that the steps are much too deliberate to be anything but actual footsteps. These steps went on for about a year or so with no other "evidence" of our roommate surfacing. Recently, the activity has moved downstairs in the form of lights turning on and off of their own accord, an old battery powered doorbell ringing even after the button was removed from the house and the batteries from the casing. The bathroom closet door always wants to remain open no matter what one does to keep it shut, footsteps come down the stairs, I get orbs in pictures I take in here, my dogs "see" invisible objects floating five-six feet from the ground in living room, I hear old fashioned music/radio, and sometimes voices are heard very faintly as if from a distance. It sounds almost like someone turning the dials on an old radio. I realize all of this sounds very cliché so I don't really tell many people. Most of those I've told end up thinking I'm fooling with them once they've visited and "nothing happens." It does not happen on cue nor do the noises and other encounters happen everyday — they are just very random and have even gone months without happening. Any opinion you might have would be welcomed. 

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